Monday, November 19, 2007

Elisa, we need to start getting excited about Argie again! Go doggy paddle olympics!!!!!!

To skate or not to skate?

I was looking for some pictures today because it is the first day I have time to do something that is not work, study or clean (I'm feeling sick today and I have to say, it has been nice!!!). I came across these old pictures of Jamie and his friends sakting and I all of a sudden I made a realization that will be rebuttled. The first photo is a picture of Jamie going off the skate ramp and ollying Steve's scooter. The funny thing is that this scooter was later used to transport Steve off the skate ramp. Lets just say the scooter was never the same again. The next picture is of Scott on a ramp in some guys back yard. I believe this is also the same day he broke his wrist. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was a pretty bad break? No surgery, but a significant handicap for the next few months. Oh, and of course-no insurance. Next we have a picture of Jamie about the time he was in high school. Should be around the time he left for California to sell pest control against his parents wishes and got a major concusion and cracked his skull. An MRI and $2,000 later, everyone was informed that he was okay. Also, there was the time Boo Crandall fell off the skateboard and slammed his head against the ramp. Jamie took him to the hospital for some stiches and a verification that he did not have a concusion. And last but not least, is the unfortunate accident Steve had this last summer with a broken ankle comming down from a ramp doing a very simple move. Poor guy had to have surgery and physical therapy-not to mention the pins in his ankle. I believe those are permanent? Anyway, I was getting upset about the whole thing thinking that maybe my husband should find a different hobby. After all, we are now ten years older than we were when we were married and should act more our age. Well, that got me kind of sad as well. The older I get, the younger I want to be. It's kind of like Jamie being in a band. When we first got married I thought we should act like adults and do adult things. Now I wish he had a band to play in because I know he loves it so much and I don't know that I care as much about being grown up. Life is funny that way. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that skating can't be all that bad. It is not a sport I will ever pick up, but if my boys ever want to skate....maybe I'll reconsider. In the meantime, bring on the skate because life is too short!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Christian's Birthday

Abu and Papa brought Jaxon out to Colorado for Christian's birthday! The three kidos had so much fun. It was the perfect weekend! We loved having Abu, Papa and Jaxon. We celebrated Christian's birthday on saturday, then celebrated Jamie's swearing in ceremony on Monday.

Jamie and I were Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia for Halloween! We had such a blast at the party!!! Thanks to Angie Haskins for teaching us the balloon popping game! It was a hit and we laughed for quite some time after!