Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Printing Blog Help

I found a website to print my blog, but I'm not sure if it's a good one, or not. It's www.blog2print.com. Anyone have any other ideas? I thought I'd check with all my fellow bloggers out there before I actually purchased a blog book. It looks very cool. If all works well, I will never scrap book again-not that I've done any of that in the last 5 years, but at least I wont be feeling guilty about it anymore.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun weekend with my Sister

Elisa is visiting this weekend while Jamie is in Las Vegas. We've had a blast. The boys slept over at the Hunters house and had tons of fun. They can't wait to sleep over again. So, Elisa and I took the opportunity to get some quality time shopping, hanging out and cutting Isabella's hair! It really has been a great weekend. I love my sis-she is the best. We've laughed over and over. Most of the stuff we laugh about is not funny in the morning, but we sure have a good time while we're hanging out!

Look at that mullet! Can you believe I let it get this long? I really was waiting for Elisa to help me chop it.

I may have cut it too short, but her hair has been growing so fast, I think I'll be glad I did. That way it can grow out more evenly.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why is the sky blue?

Colorado is the BEST! We've had 50 to 60 degree weather all through January with beautiful sunny skies. While the rest of the country is experiencing ice storms, freezing temps and many feet of snow, we've been playing at the park and even jumping on the trampoline with our swimsuits (my boys, not I!).

So, the other day, as my boys are jumping on the trampoline half naked, I noticed just how blue the sky really is. Christian had set up these "stations" for he and Nico to play and one of those "stations" was a relaxing station. There were two towels layed out on the lawn. It looked very inviting, so I went to the relaxing station. Isabella and I got back rubs and lots of hugs and kisses-just what I wanted that day. Once the back rubs ended, I laid on my back and the blueness of the sky hit me like a rock! How in the world can such a beautiful color just occur in the sky? I was struck by the beauty of it. Colorado is great-no smog, fog...just pure air and sky! It was gorgeous and breath taking. So, why is the sky blue? How come it's not green or purple? Maybe when I create a world I'll have green skies-except for what I saw the other day was perfect- blue skies it is!