Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Countdown Begins!

So I'm down to less than two weeks and I'm getting nervous about all the stuff I need to do before I have this baby. My mom and sister left today after a nice week of playing and shopping. I'm exhausted, but loved every minute of it. It really was nice to have my mind on something else. The only thing was that as soon as they left, my mind went to all of the stuff I procrastinated with Jamie's Law Firm and now I'm feeling OVERWHELMED! I think I need a good month to catch up and get things moving, but I doubt my baby will be two weeks late. Not to mention I would never let that happen! I would have giant baby for sure and not to mention the recovery. I do secretly keep hoping that I will go into labor and I can procrastinate some more. This pregnancy thing is getting very tiring and I'm ready to have my body back. I've had contractions at night and at one point I thought I was in labor, but then they stopped. I'm beginning to think I should just pretend that my water broke, head to the hospital and see if they catch on to my tricks! Anyway, I'm still here, large as ever and counting the days I still have and the days I don't. Isn't life great!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are Open for Business!!

So we moved to Castle Rock only to find that we were ready to hang our shingle! Jamie opened his law practice last tuesday and so far has had two clients! We are so excited and so scared to go out on our own. But, it was the perfect time to do it since I'm 8+ months pregnant, we just bought 3 homes and we just moved to a new town, so why not? I'm still in shock. It's been such a fast paced month. We went from a steady paycheck, to maybe we'll get money and maybe we wont. The funny thing is that I'm not as paranoid as I thought I would be. So, if anybody needs an attorney I know a good reasonably priced one!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Great Holiday Week!

We went to Utah for the 4th of July. Jamie and I haven't had such a fun vacation in a long time. It was one of those vacations were you get home and you wish you were still there. We stayed with my way fun sister and went to the pool, saw WALLe, went boating, had a reunion with friends from high school and a barbeque with my family on our last night. It was packed with things to do, but we had lots of fun. Here are some pics. Enjoy.

Elisa made me take this photo, but I got it. Here is the belly. 8 months and counting. Can I just say, I want to be done yesterday?

Is this not the cutest face ever? Look at his face. He always has those eyes by the way. The deer in the headlights look never goes away. It's because he's so inquisative! I can't bet enough of this boy. Also, Tyson has the most handsome face. I love his cute face. Look at his hair, he's had that much hair since the day he was born.
My brother-in-law Dewayne and Jamie. We love Dewayne and Elli. They are so much fun to hand out with. Not to mention these two share a passion for video games.

My amazinly cute sister Elli. She's so incredible. She works full time as a nurse and is a great mom to her little boy.

I do have to point out that she's feeding me a ravioli, not Pizza. She's so crazy. I love her!

My super awsome niece Summer trying to help Christian get adjusted on the knee board. She was so brave and was such a big help. Christian was able to get up on his first try-I had to brag!

Jamie and the boys on the tubes. Having a great time-this was a fun day for sure.

Cousins enjoying the boat ride and waiting for their turn. They all had so much fun.

The "HOTS" is what we were called in high school. I think we named ourselves-humble we were. Anyway, we had a great reunion at Gardner Village.

First Day of School

Yes, it is the beginning of the summer and Christian went back to school. Our school district in Castle Rock has a year round school system for elementary kids. I'm a bit sad about it, but I need to try it out before I go looking for something different. Here are pics of Christian's first day. He kept telling me how nervous he was and told his teacher as well. I left him in his classroom for a minute to get his lunches paid for and then went back to find him and asked him how it was going, he said, "not so good". Poor guy, you can see in the picture with him in his classroom that he's having a hard time. I couldn't get him to smile at all!