Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isabella Elise Townsend

Isabella Elise Townsend 8/06/08

Yeah, she's finally here! We are so excited to have her and to find out that we had a baby girl! The boys are very excited. I kept telling Nico we might just have a boy because he was convinced we were having a girl. So he says "that's okay mom, we'll just put the boy back in your belly until it comes out a girl." I don't think that is an acceptable return policy with babies. Anyway. She was born on Aug. 6th around 6 pm. Weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and 20 1/4 inches. But I think the funnest news is that it was a girl. The surprise of not knowing what we were having was so exciting! I recommend it to anyone. So, here are pics of Isabella and that amazing day!

This is where it all begins. It's hard to imagine that a 7 lb baby is swimming around in there.
Jamie and I hanging out before the contractions got too bad. It took about 3 hours for the oxytocin to kick in and start making me feel the pain.

Isabella Elise Townsend 7 lbs 2 oz and a full head of hair!

I finally got to hold Isabella for the first time 45 minutes after she was born. I don't like that about hospitals these days. Must they wrap them up so tight and make me wait so long to hold my baby?

The proud boys!

I swore I wouldn't breastfeed, but in this picture I actually look like I'm enjoying myself. I think I don't mind it so much this time.

She looks so peaceful!

She has lazy eye and you can almost tell in this pic. I think all babies have it this early in life, or we may have another Christian-how cute!

They were so excited to hold her. They did and still do point out her ambilical cord and ask me about it everyday. It was the first thing they noticed about her when they saw her for the first time. They can't wait for it to fall off-what a funny thing.

She looks so serious!

Tired baby! I know I was.

Also, this was the first time we brought a baby home from the hospital without a name. She was Gabriella Elise for the first day and somehow it didn't fit. So, we went home and had to think about it. Jamie really liked Isabella, so I had to do it. I think it fits her now. My dad kept calling her "it's-a-bella", so now Nico thinks her name is Abella. Her middle name Elise is after my sister Elisa. We just had to change it a bit because two a's at the end of each name was too much. So, it's pronounced like Elisa without saying the "a". I also think its a perfect middle name because it reminds me of my sister Elli as well. Good thing my sisters have such similar names-it worked out so nicely!