Monday, August 17, 2009

Here we go...

Now that Izzy is crawling, I'm finding things like this more often. I forgot how much trouble a mobile baby can get into.

Not sure why she's crying. She was so happy making the mess. I had come down to see what she was up to because she was so quiet. The moment she heard me say "Isabella", she got all crazy sad.
Of course toilet paper is only good to play with if it can be eaten.

Okay, now she's fake crying. Can you see it? Cause I totally can. How in the world. She's only 1 and already knows how to work her charm. Oh don't worry, I laughed, took pictures and snuggled her and put her to bed. I showed her who's boss!

Isabella Turns 1.

Yes, she finally made it to 1 and is crawling like a champ! I don't like to admit this, but we kinda forgot her birthday. I woke up in the morning, gave her a bottle, started planning my day, when Christian comes in and says, "It's Isabella's birthday, I thought we were going to sing to her!" Of course it is and of course we were! Good thing I had bought her a toy at Ikea in California while we were there. Anyway, we sang, gave her the present and went to Red Robin for diner. She was very happy with the balloon they gave her at Red Robin. She could have had that as her present and been just fine. Good think one year olds don't want expensive gifts. They just want some attention-easy enough!

We celebrated her Birthday with family the following Sunday. Doesn't she look cute in pig tails? Aaaah, the joys of having a girl.

First Day of School!

August 8th was the first day of School for my kids. Seems like it's too early to be back in school. I remember having at least 3 months off. Well, I can't complain. If I had kept them in year round school, they would have started July 7th.

The neighborhood kids. We all go to the same school, so we've been walking in the mornings together. So nice.

Nico couldn't wait for me to leave him in Kindergarden. He had waited so long for this day, he could wait no longer. There were no tears on either part. School-what a blessing!

Our next door Neighbor Brendan is in Nico's class. These two found a spot on a table right away and began their playing. All other parents were clinging to their kids and holding on to their last moments with their babies. These two didn't want any part of that.

Christian is now a big kid. He later told me I embarrased him by going into his class to get this photo. What!? Seriously, he couldn't possibly be embarrased by his crazy Mommy with a Camera and baby stroller. Poor guy. I'll try harder next year!

California 2009

It appears Townsend's only know how to make blue eyed babies. At least they also get killer good looks! Sabastian, Calvin and Isabella.
Jamie and his best buddy. I think they look a bit more alike lately. I would never dare say they look totally different. I learned that lesson long ago! :)

First time Christian and Nico figured out how these boards worked. They had such a good time with them.

Ah, my Nico Pico. Can you even use goggles in the ocean? I wouldn't know, I hate the salt water.

They look so cute having fun together. If only all moments were this great...but we have fighting/teasing about 50% of the time (probably more, I just don't want to admit it).

Look how happy those boys look! I love these kiddos.

Best Pals! Of course there was some fighting/teasing among the cousins as well. It must come with the age.

The Princesa just minutes before she realized how much she hated the sand and started to freak out on me. Good thing I could still lay her on her back in those days since she was not yet rolling over!

I love this photo. Christian look so grown up and Keri looks beautiful. I have such a great sister-in-law. By the way, she started her own cookie business. If you're in the LA area and need FABULOUS cookies, try these you will love them!

This is were they spent much of their time. In Steven's room playing video games. They were in boy heaven!

Isabella Learns to Crawl

It only took almost 12 months, but she has finally learned to crawl. She did not, however, roll over. She just learned to do that a few weeks ago. I've never heard of a baby who was a year old that couldn't roll over. I could place her on her back and she would be like a turtle, completely helpless. This came in handy when at the beach in California. I just put her on her back so she would stay out of the sand. Worked great.

Here is Elisa trying to get Izzy to crawl to a toy she just pushed farther away. Obviously, my well tempered baby girl did not like it one bit!

Izzy with Abu and Papa

I love this pic of my Dad and Izzy. My Dad is an amazing person. He has taught me so much and I can't wait for Izzy to be a little older so she can make her own memories with him.

My Mom is amazing. I think we've all learned to appreciate her more after her surgery. She has been on bed rest and is not allowed to lift anything for 6 weeks. I think all of my brothers, sisters and I have all seen just how much she does for us since she's not able to help out like she would like. She's such a giving person. I love my mom.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to Get Pancreatitis

Follow the pictures below to see how one goes about getting Pancreatitis.

This is called the "Nightmare". It includes 2 gallons of ice cream with all the topings. This was the first night my sister came to visit.

The next day we spent the day at the pool and came home to make home made french fries with hamburgers (with mushrooms, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato) and crab legs.

Just cookin' up some bacon to endulge ourselves. These hamburgers were fabulous!

Followed by a river rafting trip down the Arkansa River in Pueblo Colorado. The lunches we packed included Oreos, Chips, Granola bars (seems healthy-but they were covered in chocolate), sandwich rolls made with white bread and lots of other kinds of goodies including candy (skittles and lemon heads I believe).

Of course every night consisted of either milk shakes, cake or cookies. We were livin' it up!!!

After a whole week of super fun and crummy food, Elisa headed home on Tuesday. By wednesday night she had her first (second of the month) pancreatic attach and by thursday night she was on her way to the ER. When she got to the hospital her enzyme levels were 40,000 (300 is normally high-none of the stuff I just typed is a typo). She just had surgery this morning to remove her gallbladder that was covered with hundreds of gallstones.

Moral of the story-my sis and I can no longer eat like stinking savages when she comes to visit. I felt horrible when I got the news (2 days latter because our cell phones were dead). Had we eaten a bit better, she could have delayed the surgery. Anyway, she's on her way to getting better with one less gallbladder-how many does a person need? No idea.