Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break

It looks like it has been a while since I have posted anything. It's not from lack of interesting events in our lives, just the way it is. Why is it that 4 kids feels like 20 sometimes? There are days that I look at the dirty dishes in the sink, the gross sticky floor, the pile of laundry, the dark stains on the carpet, the hand prints on the walls and windows, the dirty toilet seats along with the dirty sinks and wonder if there will ever be a time when I'm not trying to squeeze in the time to get them all checked off a list. I make mental lists in my head-they never happen. If I'm really determined, I will make a list and then say, "but I really just want to mop the floor today". That typically works. I just can't expect more than one thing on my list to be done in one day. A couple of days ago I put at the top of my list "to snuggle Lili to sleep". It was soooooo worth everything else that didn't get done in the 20 minutes that I indulged in some major snuggle time with my baby. I watched as her eyes got heavy and she dozed of into dreamland with the most incredible, peaceful smile on her face. Moments to live for right there.

So, for spring break I have one item on my list-To have fun every day this week with my kids. So far so good. Monday we went to visit the Arthur's in Longmont. Spent the day with my sister and her kids. Ate the most delicious barbeque ribs on the planet. Gotta remember to go back there. Today we went to the baseball fields down by the skate park and attempted to play baseball with some friends. The boys got bored quickly and decided to head back to the skate park. Izzy wouldn't go near the skate park because an older kid had landed on her after doing a trick and knocked her off her bike-looked like it hurt pretty badly. Anyway, boys didn't love the baseball idea, but at least I tried. Tomorrow I'm thinking of doing a picnic at the park (I had promised Izzy to go to the park and then never made it today), or water balloons in the back yard with some sprinklers. I'm LOVING this spring weather. I wish we could count on weather like this every year. My house may not get clean this week, but that is what next week is for. My kids are on Spring Break for two weeks! I think Izzy is having a tough time not seeing her friends from school.