Monday, June 30, 2008

Most emberrasing moment of the week!

Here it is. My most emberrasing moment, probably in a VERY long time. I would like to say ever, but that would be a different blog story. So, the boys and I are at the pool with a girl from my ward today. It's the first time I've ever hung out with her (her name is Tara). She and I planned a pool day with the boys and headed over to our pool at the club house. Well, two hours into the afternoon I begin to feel a bit hot and dizzy so I tell her I'm going to sit in the shade. She says okay and heads into the pool with her two kids. I'm sitting in the shade and I start to get more and more dizzy. I decide it's time to head home, but by the time I make that decision I realize I'm not going anywhere. Another friend (whom I had met at the pool-she and I go all the time and end up hanging out) comes over and asks me if I'm okay. I think I'm beginning to look a bit pale. I ask her to bring me my water, which she does. By the time she gets there I'm pretty much gone and pass out in her arms. Nothing like passing out in public into the arms of a stranger, let me tell you. I come to and the lifeguards have ice packs on my head and neck and I'm getting water forced into my mouth. The best part is that I'm passed out right in front of the lifeguard station next to the entrance of the pool. So, huge pregnant lady passed out in a green bathing suit at the entrance of the pool. I was so mortified when I came to. All I wanted to do was get up and walk FAR away. The lifeguards weren't having any of that, they called the ambulance. So, five minutes later I'm the big pregnant lady passed out by the endtrance of the pool with 4 paramedics surrounding her and trying to get an IV going (which wasn't working). To make this short, I did get shipped off to the ER while my friend Tara took my boys and called Jamie on my cell phone. I don't know what happend to the friend who caught me on my way down, but I think I should give her a ring and let her know all is good. Which by the way, I'm totally fine. It took the rest of the day resting to get past it, but I think I was just dehydrated. The thing is though, I was totally careful and kept drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit. It also wasn't that hot-only about 85 degrees. I'm proned to passing out, but this was my first time doing it in public. So there you have it. It may be a whole year before I can go back to that pool again. People will definately remember the prego lady in the large green bathing suit sprawled on the floor by the entrance of the pool. No need to worries though, I'm fine and the baby is good.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Green thumb anyone?

So Jamie and I are tackling the yard this week. We started in the front and ended up digging up the mulch because grass had overgrown and it was thick. We're going to lay down rock. Also, our back yard is covered in weeds in the rock beds and I'm wondering if anyone has a good idea on how to get them out. We're thinking we'll do a week killer this week, wait a couple days, hose it down really nice and then pull them out. Anybody have a good idea on how to get rid of rockbed weeds? Our backyard is so big we're affraid to start! If anyone has good ideas, I'm totally open. Jamie and I are not good in the garden. I've killed every plant I've ever owned-not a good sign.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prego & Chicken Pox

So here is the best I can do. I really need to be better about taking photos. I promise to get some better pictures of the belly. How funny, I feel gynormous (is that even a word?)-therefore not in the least bit cute. Yet, I remember thinking how cute pregnant women looked. How come I don't feel like that? It may be because I have constant back pain which causes me to walk like a penguin and move around in bed like a whale. I get stuck if I'm laying on the floor or sitting in a position my back doesn't like. Indigestion is so bad I have stopped eating ANYTHING after 6 pm. This causes me to wake up hungry, therefore nausea kicks in and I usually can't shake it until about lunch time, which I can't eat because my stomach is so small from this tiny baby taking up TONS of room. My feet are beginning to hurt and I believe I may be retaining water-but luckily that hasn't bothered me too much yet thanks to this cool summer we've been having. Pregnancy is full of oxymorons. The great thing about being pregnant is my enlarged chest (can I keep those after I'm done?) and the great hair (which is up most the time anyway because I'm always hot). I have just under 2 months left and the days couldn't be passing by more quickly. So there you have it. I'm also whiney when I'm pregnant and my house is a wreck because my back doesn't let me do anything without paying the price later (this means I can't walk-seriously, I have to lay and wait for the pain to pass). So, I hope you enjoy this photo. I will try to get a better shot of the belly, but we'll see. I have also lost the desire to do anything lately. Thank goodness for the pool. I can sit all day and watch my kids swim for hours. Sorry about this large venting session. At least I feel a bit better!

Oh, but it does get better. I woke up this morning ready for my first doctors appointment in over a month (I've been lazy about finding a doctor in Castle Rock), and found Nicolas with a case of the Chicken Pox. Appearantly I haven't had the Chicken Pox, so I have to get blood work done today to see if I am amuned to the disease, otherwise the baby runs the risk of getting them after birth, or something else. My new doctor's office wasn't very specific, I had to do my own research online. Nicolas appears to be doing fine-it looks like a mild case with spots on his belly, back, face and legs and not many of them either. He's had the shot for Chicken Pox, but appearantly it's only 80% effective. Christian appears to be doing okay. Hopefully he doesn't get it because that would put a damper on our trip to Utah for the 4th and I've been anxiously anticipating this vacation since we left Fort Collins. Something fun to do, and my husband is taking some days off of work. Plus, the Fourth of July is so much more fun in Utah! Not to mention Elisa just told me this morning of our Fourth of July day plans and I couldn't be more excited! Dang those pox!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Frisco Barbeque Weekend

We went to the Frisco Barbeque this weekend. It was so much fun. People from all over the world come to compete with their world famous barbeque and onlookers can purchase samples of the goods for a dollar, or you can get a whole meal for 4-9 bucks. It was my kind of eating! I love Food Network because I think I'm in love with food and this felt like those specials they do when they have a food challenge of any kind. Anyway, we left very full and very happy. We went with Teri and Todd Ogden (Jamie's sister and her fam), and spend the night in a hotel till the wee hours of the night playing cards and laughing till our sides hurt. We love hanging out with the Ogdens-they are so much fun.

The next morning we went on this "hike" to feed these chipmunks. The hike was to the lookout point down the hill-so not much of a hike, but we thought it would be a bit more involved, so we keep calling it a hike. Anyway, these chipmunks came right up to us and ate out of our hands. One even jumped on Jamie's hand to eat some seeds. The boys could have stayed all day (including Jamie), but I wanted to get going-my back was killing me! So here are some pics of our adventures!

Funnel cakes, YUMMY!!!

Nico was so excited when the chipmunks finally ate out of his hands. He had a harder time staying still and waiting for the chipmunks to come.

This chipmunk had no problems eating out of Jamie's hands!

Max and Christian feeding Chipmunks.

Nico's Mop is Finally Gone!

This poor kid has been sporting around this rediculously long hair for too long. I did come to love it after a while, but then it started to get tangled, caught in his goggles and he would cry when I combed it out in the morning. It was time to say goodbye! He was scared that it would hurt (obviously hasn't had too many haircuts in his life), but after the first cut, he was good to go. For the next three days following his chop, he kept saying "mom, don't I look handsome with my new hair?" I think it took a bit of getting used to all around. He still looks so much more grown up with his shorter hair.

Nico getting ready for his haircut.

Nico with Christian. Couldn't find a picture of him up closer to show his new style.

Great Friends are Hard to Find!

It was tough for me to move from Fort Collins. I had made some great friends. They were the kind of friends that would do anything for you. The best part is that it wasn't just one or two friends, but we felt like the whole ward was there for us always interested in our lives and what was going on. I will miss them terribly. I hope they don't get sick of me coming up to visit. I haven't had such luck in Castle Rock with friends like that, so I may be seeing them more than they anticipated!

Kindergarten Graduation

So Christian Graduated from Kindergarten and his school had a Kindergarten graduation. I don't know if its post worthy, but he was so excited about it I had to do it. He wants me to throw him a graduation party with a cake. I think that may be a bit much, but he's convinced since he had a graduation he certainly deserves a cake and a party. What a funny kid!

Christian and his two friends from School (Kinncaid and Collin)

Christian and Mrs. Unrein-a great and amazing teacher!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

August 12th

I know I haven't posted anything about my pregnancy. Time has just gone by so fast. I originally wanted to post pictures of the ultrasound, but we had problems with our camera and all sorts of stories that go along with my excuses. Here is the just of it:

I'm due August 12th. We decided not to find out what we're having, so it should be nice big surprise the day of delivery. I thought this would be so fun, but now I'm worried I'm not prepared since I have given all my baby stuff away and my mom keeps asking me if I'm still not going to find out. I can't find anything I like as far as baby clothes go, so I've decided white onsies will due until then. It's the hottest time of summer, so this baby wont be wearing much.

We have no names at all. We keep talking about it and only for a short period of time because it's such a daunting task that the topic changes quickly and we are stuck with no ideas. It would be easier to know if it was a boy or a girl so we could narrow it down to a boy or girl name, but I like to make things more difficult. :)

Lastly, we are so excited for this new baby. We waited a long time and feel we are very ready for a new person in our family. The boys really want a girl and I don't think I care too much, except that I keep thinking it's a girl. I've only recently changed my mind about it being a girl when my sister-in-law Keri just found out they're having a boy and Jamie and Steve tend to do things together, so we may be having a boy too-who knows!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Elitch Gardens

Our first day at Elitch Gardens (about 3 weeks ago) was perfect! The weather was around mid 70s and the sun was out. We went with our friends the Bartholets and had a great time. Christian wanted to go on the log ride, so I let him go by himself. Laurel nor I wanted to get that wet. So he goes and has a blast. Well, then Nico wants to do it all by himself, so I let him go too. I think being pregnant just makes me lazy. Anyway, they both went on their own and got soaked! It was hilarious. Good thing I had them take off their orange shirts so they would have something dry to wear the rest of the day.

Soccer Season is finally Over!

This sounds horrible, but Soccer Season is finally over! We had such horrible weather this season. I think we had two games where it was actually good nice sunny weather. The other days it was pure torture. One game it was snowing, another game the winds were so strong we couldn't even stand being outside, another game it was almost below freezing and the list goes on and on. Nico's final game was not too bad, he scored the only goal on the team and then we had to run to Christian's piano recital. I don't know how much I like spring soccer. Maybe in the fall it will be better. But this season was just so hard to take. The boys had great weather on their practice days, but games were just miserable. So at least they enjoyed their practices!

Skater Boy

So Nicolas has totally been into skateboarding lately. He asks me everyday to "practice" skateboarding. He wants to do a kickflip so badly it's hilarious. First of all he pushes mongo, which basically means he pushes with his front foot-which Jamie says is bad and keeps trying to get him to switch. I think it's very cute and just laugh. He's been having so much fun on Jamie's old school skateboard, I had to take some photos the other day.

We Have Moved

Jamie and I have finally moved to Castle Rock, Colorado. We live just minutes to the freeway and 25 minutes to his work in Littleton, Colorado. We love living in small towns and Castle Rock is just that. The south side of Denver is only 10 minutes on the freeway and we are also only 35 minutes to Jamie's parents in Colorado Springs. We feel so blessed and greatful to be done with the moving prep. Now we just get to unpack for the next two years! I can't believe how much stuff we own. I think I want to downsize, but then I never want to move again so why bother? When I find cables and can download pics of the house I will put them up. We love our house. It's this cute 3 bedroom 3 bath home in Metzler Ranch. We are up on a hill so we have amazing views of the city and mountains. Our backyard is great-nice, large and FLAT. Jamie also did a nice job of putting tile in the master bathroom. We have to thank Jamie's Dad and brother Ben for all the help in getting us hooked up and fixing things around the house. Jamie's Dad fixed our sprinklers, closet doors and taught Jamie how to lay tile. Ben was doing 20 things at a time including painting, tiling, fixing the toilet and taking me to the store to buy the right materials for painting-he's the man. They also came the day we moved and moved us out of our old house and unloaded the truck. Jeremy also came to help out on the day of his daughter's birthday-he's such a great guy. What I'm trying to say is that it's so nice to live by family. I love that we moved to Colorado. We have so much family around, it's great. I miss my family in Utah, but Colorado rocks! Also, I have season passes to Elitch Gardens in Denver, so if anybody ever wants to meet up-I'm there! Or, if anybody wants to come visit or wants to go with us, I have discount coupons for family and friends. We've already been twice and we love it!

Also, I have to mention how hard it was to move from Fort Collins. I will miss my friends terribly. I know we're not that far away, but it's not the same anymore. Not to mention Laurel is moving to Arizona-lucky girl-and I don't know what I'm going to do without her close by. She was like my younger sister Elisa-so much fun and full of energy. You better call me all the time Laurel! We also had a great ward. We had so many great friends there and everyone was so close. It was such a great ward to be in. I don't think the ward I moved into will ever live up. I have a hard time with change, but I'm optimistic about our new adventures in Castle Rock. Besides, it's still Colorado!