Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Late Birthday Elisa!

May 8th, my LITTLE sister turned 28. Where does the time go? I still remember breaking her knee cap in the sleeping bag (we were trying to jump around the house in it together). I remember doing her bangs into a super claw and combing her hair in the morning for school. I remember how she always did everything before I did-she was so grown up! Anyway, in memory of Elisa, I'm doing 28 things I love about my sister:
1. She is bossy. No one can boss you around like her. She is determined and when she wants something done, she gets it done.
2. She is the luckiest person I know. She should buy powerball tickets-she'd be rich because she would win everytime. When we were little she was always finding money on the ground. She gets her kids into impossible schools to get into and she always seems to find what she is looking for.
3. She is fun to be around. Unless she just talked with Dad who needs something right away and therefore, she is in a bad mood. But for the most part, she's funny, loves to laugh and having a good time.
4. She has great kids that I LOVE! They are very cute and super talented.
5. She has a boat-Some day she'll visit me in Colorado and we'll go boating. We'll see...hint.
6. She has a super cute house! She is a great decorator and has great fashion sense.
7. She's not affraid to tell me that my clothes don't match, or that the new earings I bought are hiddeous. Love her.
8. She's very determined. If she wants something, she doesn't think twice about it, she goes and gets it.
9. She gets grossed out by the same things that I do. Wet hair and sea weed in the Ocean-yuk!
10. She has a fantastic hubby that puts up with her crazyness and encourages her at the same time. Great guy.
11. She's very spur of the moment. If she sees something she wants to buy, she buys on impulse and doesn't think twice.
12. She's a great shopper. I LOVE shopping with her because I don't have to spend any money. She does all the spending and I feel like I've accomplished a great deal just by watching her shop away!
13. She's fun to shop with because I hesitate and she pushed me to buy stuff. I totally need the extra push. I never spend money. I can go to the store, put tons of stuff in my cart and walk out empty handed. She'll convince me I NEED something in my cart. She's great that way.
14. She's a born leader. Once when we were little (she was like 6 ) she started a preschool with all the neighborhood kids. Parents kept calling my mom to see if it was for real (since she put on the flyer that it was free) and that is how my mom found out. She kept it up all summer. Bossing kids around-right up her ally!
15. She's a take charge kinda girl. If we're sitting around, it only takes her a few seconds to organize the troops to do something and get going.
16. She's my best friend. When ever I'm sad or need to chat, she's always available and has plenty to say and advise me on.
17. She has the best laugh! She'll also laugh at anything you say.
18. She looks like Calli Torres on Gray's Anatomy. She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes. When I was little I was jealous because she had blue eyes and I had green. Of course, I wanted blue.
19. She has GREAT hair. From the time we were little she always had a headfull of hair. So thick and lustrous! She should be a hair model. I also love the color-she wears it so well...very sophisticated.
20. She loves to run! Yeah!!! Too bad I can't run anymore, but as soon as I have this baby we are definately training for a race together!
21. She is a great cook! She knows how to make my mom's recipes very well (even better!).
22. She loves food-just like me!!! It's so fun to have snack or endulge on treats with her because she loves to eat them as much as I do.
23. I have never met anybody that loves popcorn more than she does. I love that she has that craving. When we go to the movies, pocorn is a MUST.
24. She's shy on the phone. One time when we had ordered Pizza and she changed her mind about the toppings, she made me call to change the order because she was emberrased. I think she's gotten better since, but I had a good laugh about it for years!
25. She'll do anything for anybody in need. She has a great heart and is willing to serve or do what ever anytime.
26. She can't say "NO". This is good and bad. She over schedules herself, goes crazy, but gets it all done. How she does it? No idea!
27. We love to get together and have unbirthdays. I love this tradition. Everytime we get together we try to find something to celebrate and we figure birthdays are great because you get cake. We find a good bakery, or a very delicious looking cake and we make it a party! She's so fun like that.
28. I can't image my life without her, she's amazing in so many ways. One of my favorite things about her is that she is a great mom and does so much for her kids. She is spunky, fun and knows how to get those kids to practice the violin. She inspires me all the time. Happy birthday sis!