Saturday, February 23, 2008

Breakfast by Nico

I woke up this morning to Nico tapping on my door to say "Mommy, can you help me open this cereal for breakfast for you?" I get up, go downstairs and he had set up the kitchen table with bowls, spoons and a plethera of cereal (it was 88 cents at Albertsons the other day so we got a bunch). He had also gotten juice and poured some into 4 cups. It was so cute. He then proceeded to pour milk into each bowl. By the time we all sat down to eat it was quite soggy, but he was so proud of himself. He kept smiling and giving me a thumbs up-so cute!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I did it. I'm finally 30. I thought I would be so sad, but I was so excited! I've finally hit that special time in my life. For those of you who know me, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. For the rest of you-get to know me better!!! Anyway, I had a great birthday on Tuesday. I woke up to a kitchen decorated with about 50-60 balloons and streamers gallore. Jamie was making eggs benedict-one of my all time favorite breakfast foods and the kids were so excited about the "party". They kept asking me when the kids were coming over for the party and who was coming. I should have done a super huge bash of a party, but I really loved the way it turned out. My man took the day off from work and my mom came to visit me in Colorado. We spent the day shopping, shopping and shopping some more. Can I just say, I LOVE shopping with my mom. She's the best! Jamie is also a great shopping partner. He loves clothes and even shopping for bedding. We had a blast. That night Jamie and I went to dinner to The Melting Pott-a fondue restaurant. It was our first time and we liked it ok. I must admit it wasn't the best meal I've had. Dipping foods into a pot for a meal for some reason did not do much for either Jamie or I. And, because it was my birthday, Jamie let me pick ANY movie I wanted to watch. I dragged him to Fool's Gold. Good movie, good times. It was such a girly movie, my poor husband was the only man in the theatre-seriously. Anyway, thanks to everyone who called, stopped by and just made me feel special on my birthday. I really had an amazing time and wouldn't have changed it for anything. Thanks to all my friends and family. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life!

Oh, and Elisa-Your blog post about me was seriously hilarious! I laughed so hard when I read it. Jamie and I got such a kick out of it. Thanks for thinking of me. You're the best!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Day at the Park!

We had such a great time after Nico's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Since there was no clean up and we were all fed, we headed to Fossil Creek Park. That park is great because the skate park and the playground are only separated by a walkway. I sat and graded assignments while the kids played and Jamie skated! We had so much fun. It was 60 degrees in sunny Fort Collins and we were loving it! It was a much needed break in the weather.

Jamie is loving the weather-I hope it starts to warm up some more!!!

Nico loves the monkey bars! He must have done them like 20 times.
Poor Christian is squinting against the sun. He doesn't look like he's having fun, but I promise he had a blast!

Nico's Belated Birthday Party

We had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for Nico on February 5th to celebrate his December 29th Birthday. Since we've been in Moscow, Idaho for 3 years we never had a Chuck E Cheese close by, so he was so excited to celebrate his Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. It was a little belated, but we were waiting for school to start so we could celebrate. I think it was the best birthday party I have ever done. No planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning up. Why didn't I discover this before??? It was incredible. The kids had a fantastic time and so did Jamie and I. We just played with the kidos and when it was all over we chucked it all in the trash. I must admit that Chuck E Cheese is not the most sanitary place for parties, but boy was it cheap and easy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Is it February already?

February is a crazy month for us. We have Valentine's Day, my birthday and our Anniversary. This year is especially difficult because it is our 10 year anniversary and I turn 30 so we want to do big things for both. I thought about going to Las Vegas with my 4 sisters and having a nice getaway and then going away for our Anniversary. It's also my father-in-laws birthday this month, so we need to take a weekend and visit him. Too many things to do and I feel like doing none of them. I believe I'm a bit sad because I'm turning 30 and can't believe how fast time has gone. Not because I'm "so old," but because everyone else around me is getting older with me. I just wish time would stand still and we could all live these moments forever! I love getting older and hopefully wiser, I just miss my kids being little and realizing that they are growing up so fast! Anyway, I'm not convinced of anything we have planned this month so I am open to suggestions. Anyone have a great birthday, Anniversary or Valentine's Day idea-feel free to pass them along. In the meantime, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and Happy Birthday to my friend Angie!