Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freedom Run 10K

So I stole this pic from my sister-in-law Sandee's website. Thanks Sandee! I love this pic. It's funny how close you feel to the people you just ran a race with. Aaaah, so much fun! I love Adrian's face-he looks like he's about to blow chunks. Funny thing about him, he ran two days before the race to see if he could do it, then proceeded to run the WHOLE race. Not fair, I've been running for months now and when I started I know I could never have done a 10K. Andres had only been running for a couple of weeks, but runs 6 miles a day now. What a champ! He's such a fun brother-always up for a good time. Me, at least I have tan legs-no amazing running story here. Jamie-not only is he hot, but appearantly he was born to be a runner, yet hates running. Somehow I got him to do this race with us, he kept trying to run during the weeks before, but something would always come up. He finally gave up trying to run the week before, but ran the race and stayed with the group the whole time....until he had to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden he got this huge burst of energy and sprinted the last half mile up 9th east straight to the bathroom, beating all of us (Elisa and I) who had been training. Then there's my sister Elisa. She's great. We both finally like running. Sometimes I would like it, then she wouldn't or visa versa. It has been so fun to get together to run. The last couple of visits we've had, we always get at least one or two runs in just for fun. I love that she and I can run together. We run at the same pace, although I would swear she's only staying with me to be nice. And, there's Alan. I have the most radical brother-in-law! He pushed the stroller the whole way (should I mention we didn't stop, we ran the whole way). I don't know how he did it. I know he ran the race last year in under an hour, so just over an hour for this race was more of a breeze, but he had the stroller with two babies! What a champ.

So this race started the 4th of July festivities for us. We proceeded to head to the Parade-were Jamie's migraine began-and continued on to my parents house for an amazing asado by my dad and an inflatable jump house for the kids. We ended the night with fireworks. I was exhausted at the end of the day. We had such a great time in Utah. Thanks to all our family who took time out of their schedules to see us. Adrian and Katie, your new home is beautiful!

Hopefully next year we can do it all over again!

Pics Please!

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Utah with my family. It was such a fun vacation. Unfortunately, my camera died. I took it out to take photos, and the batteries were gone. Of course we left the charger in Colorado, so now I'm asking for pics. If you have a pictures of us, please send them my way. I'll just name a few people I would like pics from: Elisa, Elisa, Elisa, Elli, Elisa, Sandee, Elisa. I think that should do it.