Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Proud Moment of the day!

So Isabella got what ever Nico had last week and started throwing up on tuesday. It continued through wednesday. I cleaned up so much up chuck, I think I stopped counting at 15. In the mess of things, I went to do the plethera of laundry piling up and noticed some water under the washer. This worried me, so I pull the washer out, cleaned up the water and called for help. Jamie had clients, so my father-in-law (aka Raggy) suggest I google it. Yes! What a great idea. I had fixed my vaccuum from watching you tube videos, so I went to You Tube and found out that not only did I have a leak, but my agitator was broken. It must have just happened because I never noticed it not agitating. Anyway, I had done a bunch of loads and watched for leaks (as stated in the You Tube videos), and nothing. The water was not leaking from anywhere. My conclusion was that the bucket may have been pushed to the side and water was coming down the side of the bucket. Easy fix. The agitator was a bit more complicated, only because I'm completely ignorant when it comes to using tools. How was I to know that there is a metric and a US system of measurement in tools? I had pretty much stripped the bolt and was about to toss the dang washer when Jamie came to my rescue and got the bolt out. I quickly replaced the agitator dogs and my washer now works marvelously! I've been pretty proud of myself for doing such a task, but when it comes down to it, the hard part was getting the stickin' bolt loose and Jamie did that for me. At least we make a great team and we were able to save $200!

If anyone else knows of why I was leaking the water in the first place, I would love the input. It happened again today, but a very small amount. Of course, this was after I had fit my whole body into the bucket in order to unscrew that stinkin' bolt, so I may have done something to the balance of the bucket. Anyway, I'm still proud and hope that the washer keeps working. I've had it for 12 years and I just don't think it's time to call it quits yet. I want to get a nice front loader, but I've heard they are not as durable as the old school washers (I guess they break more frequently-according to a repair man), so I'm going to wait until the kinks get worked out, then maybe I'll splurge!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

My friend Korby put her new year's resolution (or her resolution for the month) on her blog and I thought it would be fun to share what our kids came up with for resolutions for this year. We did it for family night and had a good time/laugh doing it. Our kids pretty much came up with these all on their own. We helped with the wording, but the ideas are theirs:

Nico’s Resolutions

1. I will try not to cry if I lose my video games
2. I will try to be a better brother
3. Help friends at school
4. I will be reverent in Class and Sacrament

Christian’s Resolutions

1. I will try to not be so bossy to Nico (be more patient).
2. I will not give Mom a hard time about piano
3. I will try to pay attention in class
4. I will be more reverent in church
5. I will try to be a better example
6. I will read for the scriptures for twenty minutes every Sunday

Obviously Christian has more because he has more issues. Then we also did some family goals that once again, the kids came up with. We gave them the topics and they set the goal and then they gave us ideas on things we could do to accomplish those goals. Overall I thought they did pretty well. Christian really wanted to use the word "perservere", so we went with it and this is what we came up with:

Townsend Family Goals for 2010


1. We will try to help one family find the gospel this year

a. Invite friends to church
b. Invite friends to come over and hear the missionary discussion
c. We will pray to help us find a family to share the gospel with


1. We will try to be more patient with each other and not yell at one another

a. Have more patience
b. Read the scriptures to have the spirit in our home
c. Use our manners saying “please” and “thank you”


1. We will persevere

a. Work hard
b. Get better grades
c. Not give up
After reading this you may think our family has yelling issues along with bulling issues and just plain issues all over the place. We do. I went one day without yelling at my kids and realized that it's theraputic for me and that the yelling I do is actually releasing some kind of stress/tension. What am I going to do if I can't yell at them in the morning to "hurry up or I'm taking video games away for the weekend," "You have 5 minutes left and if you're not out of the shower you're going to have to skip breakfast" (ha! like that's ever going to happen-such empty threats) My personal favorite, "What were you thinking?" Wow! I got going and now I can't stop. Here are just a few of the things you hear being yeld around our house (before our new resolution that is):
" Do you really think Isabella likes it when you do that if she's cries the WHOLE time?"
"Quit killing your brother" (video games really turn you into bad people all together)
"If you tell on your brother one more time I'm going to spank you!"
"Don't tell me, tell your Dad" (this one is one of my favorites as well)
"Quit talking and eat your food!"
"Quit talking and get your shoes on, NOW!!!!"
"MOM, Christian hit me"
"MOM, Nico is telling on me!"
"NO Christian, it was my turn!"
"NO Nico, this is how you do it, you're doing it all wrong!!!!"
"DADAADAADAADADADA!" (even Isabella gets in on the action)
So may the new year erase all these old ways and bring new and exciting blunders to our home. I need to find a new outlet soon!

Eight years old!

Where has the time gone? I know everyone says they feel that time goes by fast, but I feel that it's happening way too fast. I remember holding this little guy at night when he was a baby. Once he got the flu so bad he threw up for 2 days. I was worried sick, but loved that he let me hold him and WANTED to be held. He has always been such a kind boy with a great big heart. I love his laugh, it's contagious and the way he plays with Izzy always cracks me up. He loves to make people happy and at such a young age he could feel the spirit. I'm all over with this, but I have so many great memories of Christian. He started out with a very questionable "no mama no", but has turned into a very bright, sweet young boy. Here he is on his baptism day....

All the cousins from both sides. You can see Guy on the right hand corner...Max is eyeing him, probably wondering what the Guy was up to.

I LOVE this picture. I'm going to frame it and put it in his room. He looks so grown up!

Four generations. Harold Townsend faught in WWII on an aircraft carrier. He has amazing stories to tell. He is also the kindest, most amazing man I have ever met. He is the true definition of a gentlemen.
Matching! I love the Izzy is a girl. How much fun I'm having!!!
Rumble after the Baptism at our house. That trampoline looks big in this picture.

I appreciate him more and more every day. He's very considerate and patient with me.

Brother in laws! the BEST!

These two played checkers for what seemed like 2 hours. They were very into it!

Happy Thanksgiving

My family came over for Thanksgiving and Christian's baptism in November. We had a full house, but loved having everyone together. I got to spend some time with all the kids and even made some time with the adults for a night out. These pics should be self explanatory:

My Dad at the Piano. He knows two songs by memory and plays them over and over-but with much enthusiasm.
My family is known for eating a chicken/turkey leg all the way down to the bone. Nothing left but bone. Bone marrow gone, all that is left is bone. I can't do it...wish I could stomach it.

My cutie sister is having her baby in March and I can't wait! I want to be there, so we'll see if all the stars align and I get my way!!!

Alan and Elisa, my party people. Every time we get together we have good times. Even when we're not together we chat on the phone and have a hoot!

Sandee taught us to make super cute flowers while she was here. If anyone is interested, go to her blog and check them out. She's wearing one in her hair in this pic, but you can't see very well. She is talented beyond reach. I wish I had some spark of talent like she does....

Kids at dinner. Yup, we had 12 kids daily at our house. We had the party house and I loved it.

We look great. No makeup, dress up or hair done. This is true beauty!

what the?

Jamie with Calvin Wallace. I love his name. Such a great name for him. He's just like Izzy, into everything!