Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Love My Sisters

This is the reason I want to have more girls. I have two great sisters that I love so very much. We are completely different, yet share so many memories together. Elisa can ALWAYS make me laugh. Elli has such a great heart. I love being with them. We know we're having a good time together when we can get Elli to bust out! Then we're all laughing and just being plain old silly.

Let's go to Max and Cassidy's house!

...we must here that all the time! But can you blame them? Look at how fun their Aunt Teri is? Who can compete with the tickel train (except for Christian who is choking Nico)? My kids (and I'm sure the rest of the Townsend cousins) LOVE going to Max and Cassidy's house. The Ogdens are the best. Aunt Teri spoils them, Uncle Todd diggs having them over, Cassidy let's them pick a gift out of her babysitting box and Max is just cool.

....and 7 makes it full!

Over Christmas break we spent much time at the Townsend household. One one crazy cold day, the boys decided to get in the hot tub. I have a great in-laws! Who else would let three little boys into the hot tub????

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Isabella's Laugh

Pics of Isabella & Nico's Birthday

We made it through the Holidays. We had fun with the Townsend's in Colorado Springs. Mucho fun y mucha comida! Jamie did take some super cute photos of Isabella right before, so here they are. She has been such a great baby. Life has been crazy for us lately. I've been working and doing more than I probably should, but I feel so blessed to have such a great baby. She sleeps through the night and takes great naps throughout the day. You can bet on her crying for food, diaper change or because she's tired. I think babies like Isabella trick people into thinking that having another baby wouldn't be so bad, and then you get the baby that puts you over the edge! Anyway, in the meantime I'm very grateful!
Isabella-4 months old with pig tails. I love all her hair. It actually needs a hair cut in the back. She's got a mullet going. That will be our next goal!

I wish I had a pic of myself when I was this age. I think she looks exactly like me when I was a baby. Oh, and notice those dimples-I don't know where she gets those!
Such a cute look. This is what Isabella looks like most of the time. You can see her learning and taking it all in with those eyes!

Jamie hates this pic, but I love it. They both look great and you can see how red her hair looks. The other day a women goes "look at all that red hair". So strange. I don't think her hair is THAT red.My birthday boy! Nico turned 5 on Dec. 29th. Jamie made him Hot Wheels pancakes in bed. Look at how excited he is! Nico is such a sweet kid. I wish I could keep him little for ever. The day before his birthday I said, "Nico, I can't believe you're turning 5...I'm so sad!" He answers with "don't worry mom, I'll still love you when I'm 5." So precious!

Hot Wheels Pancakes by Jamie