Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Nico's school called me today to let me know that he may need glasses. It looks like he has astigmatism. I was so sad about it today. It's not that big of a deal, I know, it's just going to change the way he looks a little bit. Anyway, he may not need them after all-he has a doctors appointment and we will see. It's never good news when you get a call from the school nurse.

Life at our house has been insane busy. Poor Jamie has been working 80-90 hours a week. His days begin at 5:30 in the morning (and he's not going to the gym). Poor guy is working so hard. I wish he had a bit more free time. I'm busy with work and the kids and the kids are doing great in school and loving Fort Collins. Not much else is going on with us. Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! We have gotten so much snow the last 3 days that everyday Nico wakes up and says "Santa Clause is going to come and then it's going to be my birthday!" How fun-he is so excited about Christmas and his birthday it's very cute.


Sandee said...

Hey Caro - I know that feeling of sadness and concern obviously. I hope everything goes well at the dr. app. I hate to sound redundant... but I also know that crazier than ever busy feeling with the kids and Andres working so much. LOL
-Oh well, it's better than sitting around picking your nose, right?
I love the new look of your blog and the of course the music! Tell your kids Hi from all of ours :)

laurdacooj said...

no way...glasses really seem to be the "in" thing these days! I wish I could talk to you...all we do is play phone tag these days:) xoxox

Haskins said...

once again I am not on your "people you know" I am feeling quite offended!! Just kidding. Poor Nico. That is so sad!! But I think he will look so cute in them!! It was so good to talk to you today!!
Love ya

Korby said...

He will look so cute. It is really fun that he is so excited about Christmas and his Birthday.