Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been crazy busy with Jamie's Law Firm, my online teaching job, the other accounting job I picked up cause I thought it would be "fun". Not to mention I'm also a full-time mom. So, just for fun, here is a breakdown of my house chores and how often they get done:
  • Laundry-once a week, sometimes I wait two weeks.
  • Bathrooms-once a month-if I'm lucky
  • Vacuum-Three times since I've lived in this house (been here 6 months)
  • Weeds-Let's just say I'm praying for snow to cover the ground
  • Make beds-Three times since I've been in this house (probably the same day I vacuumed)
So, now you know when you come to my house to stay away from using the restrooms and what ever you do, don't lay on the floor. I feel like my house is always a mess. I'm hoping many of you are experiencing the same thing, but doing a better job of keeping your homes organized and clean.

So, I'm actually writing to see if anybody has any Quickbooks experience. I'm dealing with a retainer account (liability account), which needs to run through my invoices. It's for Law Firms. I need someone to walk me through a process. I've completely messed up my books with trial and error, and now I know I have hours ahead of me in order to get it all straightened out. If it wasn't for the invoice, I would have it figured out, but that dang invoice is complicating my process. Here I am an accountant and for the life of me can't figure out how to process a retainer account! Alright, so I'm venting. But, if anybody knows what I'm talking about, I would LOVE the help!


Rin said...

I wish I could help you..since I do accounting at a lawfirm, but we use Elite. I wouldn't know how to do it through Quickbooks, although I've used that software at a Event Planning company before, but obviously they didn't deal with retainers.

Loughmiller's said...

My brother is a CPA, and maybe he can help you. My mom also took a college class last year on quick books. Email me if you still need help and I will send you their email addresses.

shauna said...

Hey Carolina! I used to be in the Prairie Ridge Ward with you guys. I've been using QuickBooks for a REALLY long time and I found this link that hopefully will help you.

Shauna Bjork

Elisa said...

Luckily you have god friends to help you out with Quickbooks tips!! Unfortunately the only tip I have for you is two words... Diet Coke (with lime):) It saces my life everyday!! And my household chores get done a little more often when I'm on it!!
Bring on the juice!

Dean Family said...

Can't help you with the Computer Stuff,AT ALL! But it does sound like you are BUSY!! It's good that you don't add stress to your plate by trying to keep your house clean. You can have a clean house AFTER the kids have grown up, for now just enjoy them, becuase they don't see or even care about the mess! Hopefully you can have time to breath during Thanksgiving!

~ Cami