Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some fun stuff you might now know about me...

I was tagged by my cousin Cambrea. She is so fun. We got together for a Sosa Cousin reunion and had a blast. I need to be better about keeping in tough with them. I loved meeting their spouses and their kids. The funnest part was seeing how much we all looked alike. I think the Sosa gene is very dominant because I think we could have all passed as sisters. I'll post pics latter so you can see.

My 4 Favorite T.V. Shows:
* Desperate Housewives
* The Office
* Arrested Development (no longer on air-so sad)
* Cuidado con el Angel (my new addiction-Mexican Novelas)

4 Favorite Restaurants:
* Bombay House-they have the best Chicken Coconut Kurma (Provo)
* Thai on Main- best curry ever (Park City)
* Good old Applebees (memories from Moscow and all the girl's night outs)
* Argentine Bakery-best empanadas (Denver)

4 Things That Happened Yesterday:
* Jamie threw up all night
* Isabella needed to be fed last night at 5 am
* Christian had an "accident" at 5:15 am
* Slept a total of about 3 hours

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
* Spending time with the Townsend's for Christmas (Jamie's twin brother is here from Cali)
* Meeting my new nephew-Calvin Wallace Townsend
* Christian to go back to school
* Summer (my favorite time of year-I love the heat!!!)

4 Things On My Wish List:
* Jamie to get more clients
* Isabella to get back on her 10 hours of sleep
* My kids to have a good Christmas-without all the fancy stuff
* A date with Jamie-we are so busy these days.

People I'm Tagging:
* Anyone who wants to take some time off to do this-it was kinda fun!


Stacy Pincock said...

I miss getting together in Moscow!!! I hope you are well! Have a great Christmas!

Brett - Rachel B said...

Jamie must have been throwing up from watching that BYU game last night. I sure wanted to. Give him a hug for me.


martintownsend said...

sounds great!

Brent Orton said...

Hey Townsends! How are you guys? Hope things are going well.

The Ortons