Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Printing Blog Help

I found a website to print my blog, but I'm not sure if it's a good one, or not. It's www.blog2print.com. Anyone have any other ideas? I thought I'd check with all my fellow bloggers out there before I actually purchased a blog book. It looks very cool. If all works well, I will never scrap book again-not that I've done any of that in the last 5 years, but at least I wont be feeling guilty about it anymore.


Sandee said...

Amen Sister!!! I felt the very same way about the whole scrap booking thing when I found that I could have my blog made into a book. I've never heard of the one your talking about, but I have heard of "blurb.com" and that seems to be the one that most of the people I've talked to know about/have used. That's who I've been planning on going through to do mine.

The great thing about blogging vs. scrap booking for me at least, is that I journal WAY more about events now than I ever did when I scrap booked & I consider that a huge plus.. and the price to have the book made is so affordable. : )

Miss you guys,

Weaver's Web said...

Caro, I have a friend who uses blurb too. I've heard good things. Check into it. I talked to someone who used one site and it came back kind of funky. Not sure which site it was...not much help I know. But I've heard good about blurb.

Stacy Pincock said...

Hey! So I used blog2print to do a book. I have to say, it was kind of a pain, but it was the easiest program to use for blogs done on Blogger. The book turned out ok for my first time ever doing it. I recently found a website called bloggled.com that I think is going to be easier to use but it's not quite up and running yet. You will have to check it out. The biggest pain about blog2print is that it messes up all your comments that you write under pictures. So you either have to go back through your whole blog and write your blog and comments and then post your pictures, or you have to post all your pictures and then have the writing below the pictures. Sort of a pain, since I wrote little things under almost all my pictures. E-mail me if you have any other questions. I would do it again though because it's like a family journal for the year.

Spitzer Family said...

Never even heard of it-but SUCH a good idea!! Let me know how it all works out!

Alicia said...

Hey Carolina! That is such a great idea!! You will have to let me know how it turns out for you. Hope you are all doing well.