Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

My family came over for Thanksgiving and Christian's baptism in November. We had a full house, but loved having everyone together. I got to spend some time with all the kids and even made some time with the adults for a night out. These pics should be self explanatory:

My Dad at the Piano. He knows two songs by memory and plays them over and over-but with much enthusiasm.
My family is known for eating a chicken/turkey leg all the way down to the bone. Nothing left but bone. Bone marrow gone, all that is left is bone. I can't do it...wish I could stomach it.

My cutie sister is having her baby in March and I can't wait! I want to be there, so we'll see if all the stars align and I get my way!!!

Alan and Elisa, my party people. Every time we get together we have good times. Even when we're not together we chat on the phone and have a hoot!

Sandee taught us to make super cute flowers while she was here. If anyone is interested, go to her blog and check them out. She's wearing one in her hair in this pic, but you can't see very well. She is talented beyond reach. I wish I had some spark of talent like she does....

Kids at dinner. Yup, we had 12 kids daily at our house. We had the party house and I loved it.

We look great. No makeup, dress up or hair done. This is true beauty!

what the?

Jamie with Calvin Wallace. I love his name. Such a great name for him. He's just like Izzy, into everything!


Elisa said...

Love Mom with the bone... classic! So glad we caught that moment!

Hugh Family said...

So fun! Let's make it a tradition..every year at your place. You just can't beat the thanksgiving shopping in Colorado, nor the party time!