Monday, September 13, 2010

Liliana Sofia Townsend is here!!

Weighing 7 lbs 2 ounces, 19 inches long Liliana Townsend arrived on september 11! Carolina is very excited not to be prego, and is doing well! Not too long after Lili was born she began experiencing a series of complications. Lili was a little bit fussy so Carolina held her most of the night trying to rock her to sleep. When morning came the nurse took Lili so Carolina could get some rest. While Lil was with the nurse she began having some respiratory distress and turned blue. Shortly after, Lili was taken to the NICU (New born Intensive Care Unit). The doctors suspect she may have inhaled meconium into her lungs because she had pooped inside the womb. Lili's right eye is smaller than her left eye. The iris is smaller and the pupil is smaller. Lili is also suspected to have facial nerve damage likely due to being born "sunny side up." Her L lip droops when she cries, and she has a hard time eating. Carolina has been feeding her about every 3 hours, but Lili gets most of her nutrition directly into her vein. Her heart is also bigger than normal. As of last night, Carollina says Lili seems to be doing better, she is breathing on her own, though she still requires oxygen. Carolina is able to hold her and give skin to skin care. Carolina says "Lili looks like Nico when he was a baby." There is an eye specialist coming to see Lili today.

Please refer to the blog or call Elisa Arthur for updates. Carolina, Jamie and Lili are very tired and would like to catch up on some lost sleep.

We are so excited to have Lili here! Carolina and Jamie already love her immensely. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated

pictures coming your way soon!


Schmidt Family said...

I am so sorry to hear about your scares! I hope that everything will turn out right and she can come home soon!
PS--Great name!

Kim said...

Congratulations on the birth of Lili. Lillian is Chelsea's middle name and every now and then Brett calls her Lili. That is funny how we keep choosing the same names. I guess you guys have very good taste. It sounds like Lili is having a rough start, but many babies do and you can't tell a thing later. I'm sure that you are scared and worried now but you have many people praying for you and Lily including us. Lily is definitely lucky to have such a wonderful family.