Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Continues

We have 2 weeks of spring break. So week 1 is down, one more to go. We had such a great week. We visited my sister on Monday. Played some baseball and did a bit of the skate park on Tuesday. Wednesday we had a water day. Water balloons, barbeque and sprinklers. Weather has been soooo nice! Thursday we went to the rec center pool and Friday we did another 3 hours at the park. So, I'm thinking it was a very successful spring break thus far. I am ready for them to head back to school, but we have yet another week to go. This week won't be nearly as fun since I really do need to get some work done for the law firm. Taxes are due in just a few weeks! Wow, how fast this year has already gone by. Can someone please push the pause button? I feel like life is literally swooshing by me.

I'm horrible with pictures. Most of them are on my phone, and I have yet to download one photo from my phone. How pathetic is that? I work on my computer every day and I can't figure out how to download photos from my phone? My goal is to get a system in place this week so I can be better about documenting our life on our blog.

This is a conversation I've thought a lot about lately with Nico:

Nico: Mom, can I have a corn dog for an after school snack?
Me: Sure pal. (I then proceed to finish my work on the computer. Only takes about 20 more minutes)

When I get downstairs, I see 5 corn dog sticks on the counter
Me: NICO! Did you eat 5 corn dogs?!!!
Nico: No Mom, I ate 7. (He says this like it's not a big deal and he is no way in trouble. Very mater of factly)

This is my Nico. He is not afraid to tell it how it is. If he comes in the "top 23rd" in his classes fitness challenge, it doesn't bother him one bit. He's still in the "top 23rd". What an optimist! I need to be more like him. He's such a bright little guy, yet so child like still. He, like any other kid his age, wants to be like. Today he told me he's not popular like Christian. He only has one friend. He doesn't have any other friends at school. I think this is worrying him. I do think it's strange that he can be so sure about himself one minute and then so insecure the next. I do know that the kids in his class like him. I just wonder why he sees it so differently.

Well, I have one more week with my kids. Let's see how my picture documenting goes this week!