Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Law Firm of James K. Townsend

So our law firm has recently been experiencing some good pick up. I would like to give the credit to our new tech guy who is our friend. Somehow we've been busy with calls coming in from our website. We'd like to continue our good streak. Anyway, our friend told us something about search engines picking up our site if we had links to our website. So, if any of you are dying to have a link to Jamie's website, here it is:

Not a bad name either! Sorry about the no posts lately, life has been crazy! Just to give an update though, we've been in business for 8 months now. It's been a tough 8 months, so we feel our prayers are getting answered. Thanks to our families for all the love and support!


Schmidt Family said...

Way to go Jamie! I hope that it keeps getting bigger and when Christopher graduates you can hire him! But we do require at LEAST 100,000 a year! JK. Good Luck!

Hugh Family said...

I glad you guys are having tons of success. Looks like your friend used some good key word for the serch engine optimization. Tell Jamie and the kids we miss you guys.

deannegalloway said...

So glad business is picking up. We're in the same boat...I know it's stressful! Patrick has started to get a little more work also. It's just day to day survival, I'm sure you understand! Hope everything else is going well. take care!