Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Spring Break

So the kids had spring break two weeks ago, but I got a great taste of my own spring break this week. I just finished two big project deadlines for my work and decided not to take on anything else this week, so I've had nothing to do! You know, I can honestly say I get so much more accomplished when I have a zillion things to do. I don't miss my crazy schedule, but I sure had a nice week of sitting around, baking, cooking, going to soccer games, driving to piano practice, running a bit and doing a little service here and there. It felt like a vacation. The best part about it-it was completely FREE! I did absolute NO shopping (this includes groceries-which by no we are in need of very badly) and the furthest I ventured was the local park for soccer games. Now as I'm sitting here and gearing up for a work conference I have to attend to tomorrow I realize I have missed my 941 filing deadline for Jamie's law firm, sending my tax return on the 15th (good news is we get a refund, so no fees for that), mailing a textbook back to my supervisor, making copies of our IDs for the refinancing and making the dentist appointments I've been meaning to get to all week. Most of this is no big deal (minus the 941 filing), what I do have to show for a week full of doing nothing is that I am now closer to coming up with a perfect whole wheat bread recipe. My friend Mary makes it amazing with the help of a food scale, but like I mentioned before-shopping was not on my list of things to do this week. I would love a fluffy and light whole wheat bread recipes if you have one. I think mine is off by the gluten just a bit, and I didn't want to purchase dough enhancer (which would mean going to the store). Anyway, if anyone has a good recipe-I would be so appreciative. Does anyone else HATE grocery shopping as much as I do???


Saskia said...

Carolina!! I'm so glad you found me! One more great way to keep in touch! And what a beautiful family you have! Not to mention Jamie's law firm, your accounting business, the piano-playing kids...yay for moms that can do it all! Now, let me head on over to your sisters' blogs to see what they've been up to... :)

Hugh Family said...

i need your yummy bread recipe!