Sunday, March 29, 2009

Music at our house

Christian Started Playing the piano about a year ago. Nico just started about 2 months ago. They are both very talented. Christian gets the counting and paterns that come with playing the piano. Nico loves the sound and can memorize a song after playing it one or two times. I usually practice with them 2 times after their piano lessons to make sure they are practicing the correct fingering and playing the correct notes. After that, they can pretty much go on their own. Piano has been a big part of our family lately. Mostly because Nico plays the thing about 3 to 4 times a day waiting for Christian to get home from school. He is so bored, he ends up at the piano constantly. He has even started to write down more songs for himself to practice because he gets bored with the ones the teacher has given him. It's super cute. He gets the paper out, writes down page numbers and starts marking down how many times he plays the song.

Nico's favorite song is Yankee Doodle and he composed a song and called it "Ode to Joy". Not a very original name, but he thought it was so cool!

Christian just finished book 1 and is starting book 2a in the faber series. He has a tougher time getting motivated to play, but once he sits down, he gets it done.

Nico has been interested in playing the guitar for a long time. I'm hesitant to let him take lessons because I think he's too little. Maybe if I make him wait, he'll eat it up when he does start taking lessons.


Brett - Rachel B said...

Oh my! What a little heart breaker Nico is! And what talented kids! They must have smart parents.

Britt said...

We need to get our boys together again so they can motivate EThan on the piano! That is such an awesome talent!