Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Night and Uno Attack

"You-know" is how I would pronounce it, but anyway, we played Uno with the kids for family night tonight and I laughed so hard I was crying, here is why:

Caro: Nico, it's your turn, play a card

(with this look of I've got something you wont believe, Nico lays down a wild)

Christian: Nico, don't say Green! What ever you do, don't say Green!

(I've got one card left-a green card. This is known to everyone because Christian had my hand before we exchanged cards. Nico has all his cards face up and has 1 wild-which he played-and 2 yellow cards)

Nico: I say, GREEN!

Jamie and I can't help but bust out laughing. He had no idea why Christian was saying "don't say green," but it seemed to be the thing to do. With this look of, I'm going to do something tricky, he says "Green".

Another play is Nico wanting to push the "Uno Attack" button which gives you cards. If it was his turn to push the button, he would almost be happy about it, even though we told him over and over the object of the game is to get RID of all the cards. If he got a wild card in the process, you'd think he was just handed a bag full of candy. He would lay his cards all face up, except for his precious wild card, and then say, "I'm not going to show you this card because it's a surprise!" Wow, I wonder what that card could be, hummm????

We must have played almost 2 hours. We had a blast. If anyone is looking for a fun family game, this one is great. Even Isabella sat in her high chair and watched while we rolled in laughter over Nico's comments/plays. Moments like these are seriously priceless!

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