Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Look at me staying on top of things. It's only Novemer 4th and I'm already posting Halloween photos. Usually these wouldn't be up until Christmas! Our Halloween festivities started with a Halloween Party at our House, followed by a church party, continued with Halloween itself and ending with a Post Halloween Party at Teri and Todds. Wow, no wonder I've gained a few pounds this month!

Our Halloween Party at home: Jamie and I dressed up as Octomom and a Sperm Donor. Those eight babies were too much for me. Can't imagine them in real life.

Berglunds getting very cozy with our balloon popping game.

After a while it was rough coming up with ways to pop those tiny balloons. Note to self: next year, get bigger balloons!

Way to go Rudds!

Random photo, but had to share. Jamie and I have been into Top Chef lately and so one night (the boys were gone at a b-day party for 3 hours), we put Izzy down and grilled up some yummy steak with salmon, asparagus and a bernaise sauce. Delisioso! I had to take a pic. We had such a great time those random dates that end up being so fun.

My little witch. She was in character the whole week.

Nico was a skeleton pirate from Pirates of the Caribean. Christian was Frankenstein and Izzy, she was herself, I mean a witch.

Scary Pirate!

She looks more like a wizard. If only she could cast a spell and not be so grouchy!

In the morning, random pic, random day.
At the Ogden's for the after Halloween party.

Just had to put this one in here. Look how excited Izzy is!

I was so proud of myself for making Isabella's costume. That skirt took no skill, yet I was so proud of my effort. I even made the wizrard like purple robe and decorated the hat. Then we get to Teri and Todds. Let's just say I shouldn't claim any talent or effort on this posting because Teri went all out and made Max's costume (he was Max from Where the Wild Things Are movie). I had to show the picture above, because you can see more detail. She had the gloves, dirt, the whole ensamble. She didn't stop there, she also made (with the help of Cassidy), Cassidy's costume. A fairy princess. The detail on the costume was fantastic and it fit Cassidy perfectly. Oh, did I mention that Christian and Nico are wearing costumes that Teri made in previous years for her kids? Yeah, I have no glory in this posting, just bragging rights - I'm related to amazing talent. If only that relation was through blood, then I could say there is hope, it might be in the genes...nope....just bragging rights.


Sandee said...

Marcus was Frankenstein too!!!! You'll have to tell Christian. All your kids look so cute in their costumes, I LOVE that first picture of you holding Isabella in her witch costume and she has the biggest smile ever!

I am getting SO excited to come for Thanksgiving, I can't wait!

Alan said...

First of all... Isa is NOT a witch! But she looks so cute!! Can you make Hallie one of those skirts or what?
Second, did you notice that in the first pic you look like you are wearing a witch hat when you are octomom, because there is a huge star on the wall behind you! lol
Third, Can I borrow Terri as my sister in law? I need some talent in my life to borrow from! Max and Cassidy look awesome and so do your boys!
Fourth (do you like the list), I wish I could come to one of your Halloween parties sometime... maybe we'll come out next year :)

~The Brown Family~ said...

I am loving your costume! Awe the little witch.. Izzy is priceless. Seeing your pictures makes me miss you sooo much. The kids were asking about the boys the other day.. Wow it doesn't seem like that long ago, and then someday's It feels like forever ago. Yummy food!!!!

Dynamic Duo said...

We had a blast at the Party, thanks for inviting us.

KS said...

Her costume is INCREDIBLE!! You did a Great job. THe guys look SO CUTE and SO big. I love the octo mom costume so funny.

Brittany said...

I miss the Townsend halloween party! I love your Octomom get-up, although you're much too pretty. A girl in our ward did the same thing... the only thing you're missing is a ghetto-fabulous velvet sweatsuit.
I miss your cute kids-- they all look great! And I love your blog title photo of Christian's fingers (i assume) on the keyboard.