Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February thus far...

has been quite interesting and not boring in the slightest. My sister came to visit for one weekend for a Job interview for her hubby and they're moving to Denver! I'm so excited. She's waiting till school gets out to move out here in May. Seriously? May is never going to come.

My parents came out the following weekend and stayed for a week, which included my birthday. I was sick for most of their visit (morning sickness, yes I'm pregnant and due in September, baby looks great). Their visit was a blessing because I ended up on the couch for most of the days they were here. I think they felt bad leaving me in such a predicament, but I've done this before and I'm sure somehow I can do it again. How do people work out with morning sickness that lasts ALL DAY LONG! I keep hoping my second trimester will be less harsh and I can start to do some slight running. I had a dream about running the other night, so Jamie took a hint and bought me new running shoes and workout clothes for my birthday. The kids also had to say three nice things to me for my b-day and Nico says, "I like it when my mommy gives me valentines, but she hasn't given me one yet. I gave one to her, but she hasn't given one to me." It appears I'm also a slacker in the mothering department because not only did I forget to give him and all the other kids valentines, I also completely spaced the valentine boxes for school and the valentine's for their class mates. Yup, mother of the year at your service. Christian woke up in the middle of the night crying because the next day was the valentine party and he didn't have any valentine's for his friends or classmates. I didn't even get up for that part because I sleep so hard when I'm pregnant. My mom was there and was able to tell him that his Daddy had gone out that night to buy them for him. Nico just missed the school valentine party all together because Christian was staying home and I didn't have the energy to drive him to school that day. So he didn't get any valentine's from his friends. Guess what I'm doing today?

On to other news, Jamie partnered up with another attorney this month. Seems like people need bankruptcies more than ever. It's great news for us, not so good for everyone else who appears to be struggling to pay the bills.

That about does it. Isabella is teething like a monster and now has 4 molars-thank goodness, she can finally eat more than mushy foods! Am I really ready to deal with 4 kids? You bet I'm not, I think Jamie and I think having lots of kids is such a great idea, and then we have to take care of them....totally different story.


Stacy Pincock said...

I'm so sorry that you have been so sick. I hate that about being pregnant, but Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl. Feel better. I'm glad your sis is moving to Denver. That will be SO fun for you. Well, hang in there!! Miss ya!

Schmidt Family said...

I am so excited for you! When in september are you due?

Britt said...

Yeah, 4 kids is really insane. But to make you feel better, we're finally leaving ourselves open to the idea of 5. I think we'll all REALLY enjoy our big families in about 20 years!!! :) Congratulations!!! Your kids are so adorable, you can't go wrong.

I was dying of laughter regarding the valentines. Of course I didn't forget because Reid's bday is on Valentine's Day, but even though we literally celebrated his birthday for 3 days straight (including a 2-night cousin sleepover), Reid was still bawling by the third night, saying we did nothing for his birthday. So you just can't win. Don't feel bad.

laurdacooj said...

Congratulations! This is so exciting... except the sick pary! so sorry! come here to warm az and I'll take care of you with lots of nathan's hot dogs and the kids can play and all with be great!... We still have valentine candy left over... you can give it to nico! :)

Bob Bandy said...

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Hugh Family said...

you are super mom!! Not everyone plays all the roles you do, raising three children, acting as executive assistant to a busy law firm, mechanic, chef (lets not forget that you made home made noodles last week from scratch), choffer, piano teacher, and the list goes on. So you missed V-day this year, what matters the most is that you are always there for Jamie and the kids at their crossroads. You are AMAZING, and I wish I could be more loving, energetic and patient like you!

~The Brown Family~ said...

Congrats on the pregnancy.I can't believe you will have cute kiddo's Oh Hope you get feeling better soon. & glad you will have your sister close to you.. You guys look like you have a great time together:) take care. Wish we lived closer so I could help you out.. loves from the Brown's