Friday, February 26, 2010

Belated Birthday Blog

My sweet Nico has a birthday on December 29th and every year we seem to shuffle through it as quickly as we can. This year was his first year having a birthday party with friends. I also made a cake for a family celebration we did. He wanted a Lego Cake, so that is what I came up with. It took forever to frost the marshmellows, but that boy was one happy lego lover. Anyway, Nico turned 6 and I'm so thankful for the little guy. He has some pretty gross habits that are not blog worthy, but his sweetness and cute voice absolutely surpass all those other things we work on with him. Nico at six years old loves to do the following:
  • Play video games such as the Nintendo Wii and his DS (which he got from Santa-lucky kid)
  • Play the piano. He is such a great Piano player. He started a year after Christian and has caught up to him (may have passed him, but we switched books for him so it wouldn't be an issue).
  • Ride his bike around the "big block" all by himself.
  • Give Izzy so many hugs and kisses he gets into trouble for making her cry.
  • Getting Valentine's from his mommy (he got a belated one, but it was good! can't got wrong with candy).
  • Playing with his cousins in Colorado Springs and his Utah cousins. He can't wait for the Arthurs to move here. He keeps asking me how many days the Arthurs are staying. He does not comprehend "moving to Denver".
  • Loves to play Kid's Winter Olympics-he and his brother created olympic flags for their teams and they play hockey in my dinning room. I love this game!
  • He's great at putting puzzles together
  • Loves to play Uno Attack-I love to watch him play. He says the silliest things!
  • Says great prayers and works very hard at coming up with new things to say each time.
  • Loves to make Christian and Isabella laugh.
  • Makes a killer Top Ramen. We call him "Our Little Chef"!

That is my Nico in a nutshell. Happy late birthday kiddo!

The following are a small glimpse of our Christmas. I had so much fun with the boys tracking santa on Norad's website. If you have not done it, it is very entertaining and my boys could not go to bed. They had to check every minute to see where Santa was and where he was going next. I finally made them go to bed late and promised to take a picture of when Santa was in Colorado Springs. So, here is the picture. The website was great because it even has live footage of Santa flying over certain cities. We had a blast watching some of those.

Santa is currently in Cedar City, Utah on his way to Colorado Springs, Colorado (pretty much as close as he gets to Castle Rock.

We just put out the cookies and milk and thought we'd take a pic. Christian and his wanting to be funny phase....could do without!


Hugh Family said...

When you said you were frosting marshmellows, I pictured the mini ones! The lego cake looks great!!! You always suprise me with your creativity!

Sandra said...

I was thinking mini ones too, but still what a job. I've said it once and I'll say it again.. You are the queen of birthday cakes!!!

sweet pain said...

hey.your so lucky to have such a beautiful family.i like the cake... interesting idea!!congratulations for the blog!!