Monday, October 31, 2011

Christian Turns 10

It is crazy to think that your oldest child is x amount of years old. Mine turned 10 this month. A whole decade ago he was born and I became a mom. I know it's unbelievable, and it will be even more so when he turns, 20, 30, 40 and so on. I still can't believe he's so big. How fun! He's such a great kid. He's polite, fun, easy going and loves to have fun. For an oldest child, I got pretty dang lucky. Here are some pics to enjoy of his activities. We had a family party with my sister Elisa and brother Adrian followed by another party on Sunday with Jamie's family. This continued as the following Saturday he had a party with his friends where they got to shoot at Justin Bieber with a BB gun and have a Mario Kart tournament. One lucky 10 year old that's for sure.

Nightmare tradition. We celebrated Dianna and Christian's Birthday at Elisa's house on October 22, 2011. Look at all that ice cream melting in the bowl. The kids thought it was so cool. I couldn't get over how much sugar was about to be ingested and how many little monster would be created!

Adrian and his family came to stay with us for Christian and Dianna's birthday weekend. The kids all slept in the backyard in that super tent. Christian got a BB gun for his birthday and Jamie spent the morning showing Christian and all the little kiddos how to shoot the gun.
Big 10 years old! Happy Birthday Christian. You are one incredible boy.

Celebrating his Birthday with the Townsend's. Here he is with Gramma.

Birthday loot from Jamie and I. BB Gun, Legos, a target and more legos.

Guess who won the Mario Kart Tournament? Yup, Jaxon James Arthur! He was so super excited about it. How fun!

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