Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kids got dressed up for Halloween and were able to wear their costumes to School. Nico was a Jedi, Christian the Grim Reaper, Izzy Snow White and Lili was a Ballerina. I also made it to all their school parties and was able to take some pics. Izzy kept saying, "that's my mommy!" I felt like the coolest parent ever!

Christian DID NOT think I was the coolest parent ever. On the contrary, he was completely embarrassed.
Snow White decorated sugar cookies at school with purple and orange frosting. She was wearing more frosting on her face and clothes than on her cookie. She licked her dress the whole way home, snacking on the frosting she managed to save for later. Should have gotten the picture BEFORE she went to school.

Baby Ballerina! Doesn't get cuter than this my friends. Love this baby to pieces!!!

a Jedi and a Grim Reaper. What a combo. We do not coordinate costumes. You know, some families are all characters from Star Wars. This takes time and some major planning and talent. Three things I have none of recently. I do, however, love to see other people who manage to pull themselves together enough to pull something like that off. Maybe next year when I'm not in charge of Super Saturday I can focus on costumes. Please, no one hold your breath on that one.

Smart and good looking. What a fun kid!



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Wissam Idrissi said...

Whoa I am scared, happy Halloween, cute kids and you should write more often :P

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