Friday, January 11, 2008

Authentic Chicken Enchiladas:

1 package of California Chiles (they should be in the hispanic food section at wal-mart and cost about $1.74 a package)
2-3 chicken breast
Garlic to taste
3-4 C. Water
1 Package of corn tortillas
Queso Fresco (found in the refrigerated section next to the cream cheese or sour cream)
Mexican Sour Cream (this is different than regular sour cream also found with the Queso Fresco)

Crock pot the chicken in its juices until it shredds (about 4 hours).
When ready to eat prepare Enchilada Sauce:
Cut off stems from Chiles and take out seeds. Put them all in a blender and add water 1 CUP AT A TIME and blend. Add Garlic ( I use about 1 tablespoon). Water should be added until you have a good consistency. Heather said to use 1 cup, but it was WAY too thick for me, so I ended up adding 4 more cups of water.

Pour half of enchilada sauce in crock pot with chicken for the last hour of cooking. Fry the corn tortillas in oil to soften (usually about 5 seconds on each side). Set them aside. When all are fried, dip them in the remaining enchilada sauce and roll the chicken mixture inside with a bit of Queso Fresco. I put them all in a 9X12 pyrex and place them in the oven at 300 until we're ready to eat. When you serve them I add the Mexican sour cream on top and serve them with a side of refried beens. It is very DELISIOSO!


Sandee said...

Thanks Caro, I can't wait to try them out!!!

Haskins said...

Oh that reminds me of when we would come over and eat at your home! You guys are such great cooks!
Love ya

laurdacooj said...

ohh...I'm so excited and scared to try them maybe I'll just keep letting you feed me...because...I love you sissy...

Elisa said...

Aren't they yummy? But you all need to try the Authentic Beef Tostada's. I will post soon - I promise - or Caro can.

Stacey said...

Yummm...we were lucky to get to come over and have dinner!! Thank You!!!! They were very good!