Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have two sisters who I Love and completely feel lucky to have in my life. My youngest sister Elli sent me the nicest thank you card this week. Not only was it the nicest thank you card I ever recieved, but it was on PHOTO paper with really cute fonts and classy colors. She is amazing! She just had a brand new baby and is struggling with the sleeping through the night thing. I don't envy her at all. I think most of us have been there with our first and don't wish it upon anyone. Hang in there Elli, it will all be like a dream soon.

I also have this super funny sister, Elisa. She makes me laugh and always tells me how it is. So, in response to her blog, I will post reasons for which I love my sisters so much!

1. She calls me for no reason at all, just because she's bored or waiting for food at the drive thru.
2. She makes me laugh, even when it's not a laughing matter, she finds something funny to say.
3. She's not affraid to say what is on her mind. Even if it's gross or nasty-it's very fun!
4. She will always tell me if I have bad breath or if I stink-can't beat her honesty.
5. She is the world greatest shopper because she actually buys stuff, unlike me who likes to put everything in her cart and then leave.
6. She's a great mom-she's not affraid to also tell her kids what she thinks-if I could only repeat some of what goes on in the background when we are on the phone-way HILARIOUS!!!!
7. She likes to have fun and laugh. No matter what she's doing she's willing to let it all go and have a party-literally.
8. She loves to spend time in the sun-she has to or we couldn't be friends!
9. She's patient with me, specially when I change my mind over and over again about EVERYTHING.
10. She has an amazing family that I love. Her kids are like my kids and I would just die if anything ever happened to one of them-I keep telling her to will her kids to me, but I don't live in Utah-does it really matter?
11. I could go on forever, but I think the most important thing to me about her is that she is my best friend, or "best buddy" as the Townsend household says. What would I ever do without my "buddy"?

1. She is tough to crack-if we make her laugh, we've accomplished a great deal!
2. She and I have great phone conversations where we let it all out! We can vent like there is no tomorrow and then feel great!
3. She is wicked smart and very dedicated. She works harder than anyone I know.
4. She also likes to spend time in the sun. I remember the time she came back from a summer of selling alarms and we thought she was Dewayne's sister-she was so dark we hardly recognized her!
5. She is determined to get her baby on a baby wise schedule and is very persistent-no matter how long or hard that baby cries-she always wins! (she is going to be an amazing mom)
6. She cracks me up because no matter what kind of advise you give her, she will always take it with a grain of salt and then do what she wants-you can't make her do ANYTHING!
7. She has great taste in clothes and shoes. I only wish we wore the same size shoe, she really does have some really cute shoes.
8. She is a great person to talk to. She gives great advice and like Elisa, isn't affraid to say what's on her mind. She may be a little more sensitive to your feelings, but she's honest and I love it.
9. She is an amazing photographer-I hope she never starts to do it seriously or I wont be able to afford her services. She has such an artistica ability that completely amazes me.
10. She has big hands like me-we are one and the same!
11. I love that she is a mom now. We have so much more in common! I feel like I'm getting to know her all over again and I love it. She is beautiful inside and out and is wise beyond her years. She is also my best friend. What would I ever do without my little sister? My life would definately not be complete!!!


Elisa said...

You make it sound like I'm a bossy party animal. Well, I am!! I love life, I love to tell it how it is, and I love to party. But mostly I love my Sista's. You rock!!
Loved this post (mostly because it was about me). I will have to do my own list - you just wait. It will rock your world.
Love you Caro!!
And I promise, if you move back to Utah I will Will my kids to you - enticing isn't it?

Sandee said...

Wow, that was an amazing post! Isn't being AND having a sister the best. They know you through and through... and they are always there for you no matter what. I have a lot of the same feelings towards my sister too, infact.. I always used to wish I had more sister's to share relationships like these with and since I came in to your family my wish came true. I've never considered you guys SIL's and I have a lot of the same feelings towards you guys too.

laurdacooj said...

really a great post except for one thing...you forgot your other little sister...

Haskins said...

so fun!! I love having great siblings and yours are definately great!! So, I am so bummed because I am going to st. george this weekend and wont be here! I am sad that I wont see you. I hope you will come again soon lets say your birthday, we could go and celebrate(or however you spell that) together!!

Spitzer Family said...

I was just checking you guys out and thought I would send a shout out to my friend and my recipe blog-yummydinners.blogspot.com If you are ever in need of a great recipe-check it out! Some of my favorite recipes are from you, by the way, so how could YOU ever be struggling!

Korby said...

You have such beautiful amazing sisters. I am so Happy for you. I never really got to know Elli. I am so happy for her with her new baby. Elisa was always so much fun. She is Always good for a laugh. I miss you all.