Sunday, January 27, 2008


Christmas was wonderful, yet stressfull this year. We packed up the car the friday before Christmas and drove 5 hours to Colorado Springs. This drive normally takes 2 hours, but we hit Denver traffic and it was a holiday weekend. I will never do that again! Once we arrived at Ben and Lisa's house we found out we forgot the bags with all our kids clothes. So, Christian and Nico wore the same clothes for 5 days or borrowed stuff from their cousins-it sure make laundry very easy when we got back home. Then Christmas morning Jamie and I realized we left the digital camera at Mom and Dad's! We were staying with Teri and Todd and they said they would make us a copy of their photos-thanks T and T! Also, Jamie forgot to pack my Christmas presents. Not that big of a deal, but he felt awful about it. Well, all in all we had fun, but I'm still convinced had we left saturday morning instead of friday night we could have had a smoother trip-poor Jamie already feels bad about making us leave early, but I just can't forget that horrible drive!

When we got home we stayed for about 4 days and headed back to the Springs for some more family fun. I got to unwrap my Christmas presents from Jamie and the kids got to give us their Christmas presents they had made at school-which we had also forgot to pack! It was a Christmas we will never forget!

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