Friday, February 15, 2008

Nico's Belated Birthday Party

We had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for Nico on February 5th to celebrate his December 29th Birthday. Since we've been in Moscow, Idaho for 3 years we never had a Chuck E Cheese close by, so he was so excited to celebrate his Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. It was a little belated, but we were waiting for school to start so we could celebrate. I think it was the best birthday party I have ever done. No planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning up. Why didn't I discover this before??? It was incredible. The kids had a fantastic time and so did Jamie and I. We just played with the kidos and when it was all over we chucked it all in the trash. I must admit that Chuck E Cheese is not the most sanitary place for parties, but boy was it cheap and easy!

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Elisa said...

Good thinking. I've got to do Chuck E Cheese next time for sure. Hallie's party was way too high stress for me.
I'm glad you FINALLY celebrated poor Nico's birthday. Does he think he's five now or what?