Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School!

August 8th was the first day of School for my kids. Seems like it's too early to be back in school. I remember having at least 3 months off. Well, I can't complain. If I had kept them in year round school, they would have started July 7th.

The neighborhood kids. We all go to the same school, so we've been walking in the mornings together. So nice.

Nico couldn't wait for me to leave him in Kindergarden. He had waited so long for this day, he could wait no longer. There were no tears on either part. School-what a blessing!

Our next door Neighbor Brendan is in Nico's class. These two found a spot on a table right away and began their playing. All other parents were clinging to their kids and holding on to their last moments with their babies. These two didn't want any part of that.

Christian is now a big kid. He later told me I embarrased him by going into his class to get this photo. What!? Seriously, he couldn't possibly be embarrased by his crazy Mommy with a Camera and baby stroller. Poor guy. I'll try harder next year!


Stacy Pincock said...

You crack me up. Maddy hates when I take pictures too. I think it's so funny. Your kids are so dang cute. Hope you are enjoying some time for yourself while they are at school!

KS said...

School started already. I am a bit jealous. I want the structure back. The kids are SO bored. Your guys are SO HANDSOME!!!

Elisa said...

Thats a great idea! I am totally going to go into Summer's class tomorrow and take pics... maybe I can even embarass her with a ginormous bouquet of birthday balloons!