Monday, August 17, 2009

California 2009

It appears Townsend's only know how to make blue eyed babies. At least they also get killer good looks! Sabastian, Calvin and Isabella.
Jamie and his best buddy. I think they look a bit more alike lately. I would never dare say they look totally different. I learned that lesson long ago! :)

First time Christian and Nico figured out how these boards worked. They had such a good time with them.

Ah, my Nico Pico. Can you even use goggles in the ocean? I wouldn't know, I hate the salt water.

They look so cute having fun together. If only all moments were this great...but we have fighting/teasing about 50% of the time (probably more, I just don't want to admit it).

Look how happy those boys look! I love these kiddos.

Best Pals! Of course there was some fighting/teasing among the cousins as well. It must come with the age.

The Princesa just minutes before she realized how much she hated the sand and started to freak out on me. Good thing I could still lay her on her back in those days since she was not yet rolling over!

I love this photo. Christian look so grown up and Keri looks beautiful. I have such a great sister-in-law. By the way, she started her own cookie business. If you're in the LA area and need FABULOUS cookies, try these you will love them!

This is were they spent much of their time. In Steven's room playing video games. They were in boy heaven!

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Britt said...

Jamie is the one on the left, right? That's just crazy, to see someone else (that I don't know) who looks just like him!