Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to Get Pancreatitis

Follow the pictures below to see how one goes about getting Pancreatitis.

This is called the "Nightmare". It includes 2 gallons of ice cream with all the topings. This was the first night my sister came to visit.

The next day we spent the day at the pool and came home to make home made french fries with hamburgers (with mushrooms, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato) and crab legs.

Just cookin' up some bacon to endulge ourselves. These hamburgers were fabulous!

Followed by a river rafting trip down the Arkansa River in Pueblo Colorado. The lunches we packed included Oreos, Chips, Granola bars (seems healthy-but they were covered in chocolate), sandwich rolls made with white bread and lots of other kinds of goodies including candy (skittles and lemon heads I believe).

Of course every night consisted of either milk shakes, cake or cookies. We were livin' it up!!!

After a whole week of super fun and crummy food, Elisa headed home on Tuesday. By wednesday night she had her first (second of the month) pancreatic attach and by thursday night she was on her way to the ER. When she got to the hospital her enzyme levels were 40,000 (300 is normally high-none of the stuff I just typed is a typo). She just had surgery this morning to remove her gallbladder that was covered with hundreds of gallstones.

Moral of the story-my sis and I can no longer eat like stinking savages when she comes to visit. I felt horrible when I got the news (2 days latter because our cell phones were dead). Had we eaten a bit better, she could have delayed the surgery. Anyway, she's on her way to getting better with one less gallbladder-how many does a person need? No idea.


Sandra said...

HOLY MOLY... you guys WERE living it up!!! LOL I can't believe that ginormous bowl of icecream, WHOAAA!

Looks like you guys had a pig-filled fantabulous time! hee hee hee I wish my sister lived close enough for me to go visit like Elisa does you, that's so nice...

Elisa said...

It was fun while is lasted baby!But boy oh boy am I paying for it now :)

soccergirl21 said...

Lol! But I dunno why u guys didn't make a SECOND nightmare!? I just can't believe it! I already miss Colorado! :(

The Yost Clan said...

You crazy ladies. At least Elisa got to enjoy before the dreadful surgery. My sympathies Elisa, I've been there done that. Don't wish it on anyone. It stinks.

Hugh Family said...

Everytime I think of your post i will immediately burst into laughter. I know I'm selfish b/c my second thought was, "I hope this doesn't put a damper in our thanksgiving dinner, I'm really looking forward for the gravy, candied yams, buttery mash potatoes and dinner rolls."