Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Days!

Two days off from school due to snow storm. It's not even Halloween yet and we have SO much snow. The boys went out every day to play in it. One day they went out three times. They would come in super wet and ready for Hot Chocolate. This is the reason I love Colorado. The seasons are so much fun. We had the fireplace going and treats and hot chocolate non stop. I may have gained a few pounds, but totally worth it! Check out these photos:
The side of our house got huge snow drifts. They were pretty much as tall as the boys.

Snow days wouldn't be as fun without the sledding. We need to find some steeper hills for the next storm or for tomorrow even. We still don't know if tomorrow is a snow day or not.


Elisa said...

I wish we had snow days! We NEVER get enough snow in Orem... and sledding? You have to go up in the mountains to do that! CUTE PICS!

Stacy Pincock said...

Holy Cow! Looks like fun! I have been thinking about you guys every time they talk about Colorado on the news. Stay Warm!

Haskins said...

Wow!!!!! I cant believe how much snow you have! THat is crazy. I am not looking forward to winter! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

KS said...

SO much snow. I can't believe it. I am glad it has held off here for a tiny bit. My kids can't wait for it to snow. Iam fine with snow after Halloween.

Sandra said...

Oh my gosh girl, I LOVE all your new posts!!! Wow, it looks like full blown winter there already.. and I thought we were goona be having a cold Halloween.-

Christian's bday sounded like so much fun, and that wig... TOTALLY AWESOME is all I have to say! haha I love the fort cake, so cool~~~ That's one thing I could take a lesson from you in, you're always making the best bday cakes ever! My kids were think they'd gone to heaven if I made them a cake like that!

That dirt biking outing looked like tons of fun too, where'd they get all the bikes/atv's to use, rent them?? I need to plan something like that sometime, I think my boys would really enjoy it!

p.s. love the piano playing picture at the top of your blog.

Hugh Family said...

okay, so lots of updates! Dewayne and I r deciding if you cut your hair, it's to cute!! I remember you said you had snow, but I never imagined it was that much!! We'll defintely be getting snow tires on the minivan for the drive to CO this thanks giving. I can't wait for that, I'm already couting down the days!!!