Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bubbles Liquor World

If you have ever been down from Denver and exited at the Castle Rock Outlets exit, you have probably noticed the large store called Bubbles Liquor World. It's written in blue and yellow making it very vibrant and cheerful. Check out this conversation in the car today as we drive by the liquor store:

Christian: Bubbles....World (has a hard time reading the 'liquor' part).
Nico: How come we never get to go there? (in his new whiney voice-can't wait for that to end.)
Me: Because it's really called Bubbles Liquor World and liquor means stuff like beer and alcohol.
Christian: Why do they call it Bubbles?
Me: I don't know, just for...-(interupted by Christian).
Christian: Oh, probably because the beer has bubbles and stuff.

I can't believe I was outsmarted by my first grader. How many times have I driven by Bubbles Liquor World and actually wondered why they use 'bubbles' in the name? MANY times. I've been reading it far longer than he has-he just learned how to read!

Anyway, it's my smarty pants birthday tomorrow and I'm hoping he has a good day. I still haven't planned his birthday party, but I did get him a present. The plan is to make Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast, go to his school with cupcakes and finish the day at Nico's end of season soccer party. We'll have a family party Sunday and I'm trying to put a Video Game party together for him and a few friends (thanks Elisa for the idea).


Elisa said...

Can't stop laughing!! Reading is a dangerous world!
Now you REALLY have to filter stuff!!
too funny!!
Love you Christian!
Have a Happy Happy Birthday!

Rin said...

Hahaha, that's too funny! :)

pharen said...

Happy Birthday Christian! River talks about you all the time and he wants to play with you so bad! He always says, "When are we going to see my best friend who lives far far away?" Have a great birthday!