Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Christian!

Christian turned 7 today. How time does fly. Our baby boys is in first grade and doing all sorts of things. He's been playing the piano and has told me that he wants to be famous for playing the piano someday. As a mom, I gotta love that statement! Here are some memories that Jamie and I have of Christian:

I remember being pregnant with him and watching the twin towers come crashing down and wondering what this world would be like for my unborn baby.
I remember how he always needed the perfect "symphony" as my dad called it, in order to fall asleep. That is where he got the nickname Beethoven (my Dad re-names all the grandkids what ever he wants!). The perfect symphony meant it had to be dark, quiet and no distractions.
I remember him at 18 months with these cute navy blue overalls trying to climb the porch steps in our Orem house.
I remember him holding up his hand to my and in a deep dark creepy voice saying "no mom, no."
I remember his first day of Headstart in Moscow getting on the bus. I wanted to cry, but I had to run to my classes and couldn't give myself that luxury.
I remember how he used to tell everyone at his preschool he loved them. His teacher said he must have said it to everyone, except maybe the male bus driver.
I remember how he used to hum himself to sleep. He would sit in the car and make this crazy one tone sound in order to fall asleep.

He is such a unique kid. We love how much joy and entertainment he brings into our lives. He has always been a good kid. he loves to make sure things are fair. He is especially good at obeying rules. He loves rules, math, science and is beginning to appreciate reading. We love you Beethoven!


Brett - Rachel B said...

Happy Birthday Christain! We hope it was great!

Rin said...

I remember him always saying Keiki's car and As-sah (for Asia the bird) and I remember hearing him boing the door stopper when he was suppose to be sleeping in his room and I was suppose to be sleeping in my room underneath his. And I loved hearing him outside the door just saying Keiki and Ewin...loved it. He was so considerate, he would never just come bouncing in...he'd always be so quiet and respectful. I miss those years!

Brett - Rachel B said...

Christian is so rad. He is the nicest kid ever. We totally miss him. He was always so fun whenever we were able to watch him. I hope he had a good birthday. (this is brett, the last one was rachel)

Korby said...


Spitzer Family said...

HE's 7?!! Wow! Your little baby girl is so adorable! I bet you loved the HOT, HOT weather in California, I am so sick of it, I could scream! Watch out El Paso! I love your family picture at the top.

Elisa said...

I heart Christian!! I barely remember the "No Mom. No!" years, they are blotted out by the wonderul years that followed where he was nice to everyone and very considerate of EVERYONES feelings!
... I better be getting those boys if you guys die... or I will die!!