Thursday, October 16, 2008

California, Knows How to Party!

Warning-this post may be too much if you're not related to the Townsends or Sosas in some way. Here we go...

California was great! We had so much fun hanging out with family, going to Disneyland, Seaworld and shopping by Steve and Keri's house. We can't wait to do it again. I'm already on the lookout for cheap tickets to Cali. Next time we wont spend as much money cause we've already done all the "fun" stuff! Our trip started out with a cold saturday at Steve and Keri's house. Keri was 8 months prego and look AMAZING. How funy that pregnant women look so beautiful when you're not pregnant. I know how she feels though, it feels great to get that bundle of joy out. Christian, Nico and Steve James had a great time playing and ripping Steve James' room apart. If you see the pic below, you will notice the beginnings of a gynormous mess. By the time Christian and Nico got ready for bed, Jamie and Steven had to literally brush all the toys to one side of the room to make room for the pull out bed. The boys had a great slumber party that first night. Steve and Keri were great about letting them party-what fun our boys had. We can't wait for the slumber party at our house in Colorado!

This room is temporarily clean. It eventually turned into such a mess that you couldn't even see the floor. They had a blast!
Look at these cute boys! How much fun we had with Steve and Keri. All three of them are so much alike in their likes and dislikes, it was very fun to see. Notice the Lego Star Wars shirt-my boys totally dig that kind of stuff.
Saturday we took the opportunity to walk through this great shopping center by Steve and Keri's house. It's called the Grove (sp?) and has fabulous outdoor shopping. I ran into the GAP and everyone else got together for a great pic in front of a fountain.
Sunday we took it easy and hung out at the Hotel, which was like 2 blocks from the beach. We hung by the pool and Steve, keri and KT and Brett came by. Elisa and I made dinner with the help of Alan at the grill. It was so fun hanging out and chatting. It felt like old times. The pic above cracks me up because Isabella looks like she's wearing a wig. I love all her hair.
I miss living by these guys. KT is also prego and due in the early spring. Can't wait to find out what she's having.
Monday was Disneyland with the Arthurs. We had a blast with them. The three older boys got to be in the Jedi training academy and were so excited about it. Crazy thing about this day. Very crowded and very hot. Who thought a Monday in October would be so busy. I was glad when Disneyland closed at 8 pm for the day. It was a long day and Isabella did fairly well. The cousins LOVED being together.
These cousins are two months apart and love each other. It's so cute to hear them talk on the phone. Hallie always has a nice compliment for Nico and Nico loves to talk to anyone who will listen.
Not the best pic. I didn't have as many pics of Summer, Jaxon or Hallie-Elisa you need to send me some. Tuesday was Seaworld and we LOVED that. The Shamu show was great. I could have done without all the cheesy "believe" crap, but it was amazing. We sat in the soak zone and got soaked! Jaxon and Hallie didn't love getting wet as much as everyone else, which I thought was hilarious.

Shamu-what a fun show to watch!

Wednesday was our day off to relax and go to the Beach. Jamie, Steve and Alan got up early to get in some surfing before any of us got up. Steve ended up pushing his teeth through his skin and had to go to the emergency room for some stiches. Poor guy didn't even get to surf, I think the first run they did Steve gets hurt and Jamie busts his board in two. These two guys have had bad luck lately. We hope that things don't continue to turn out so badly when they get together.

Thursday was Disneyland with Steve and Steven James. The boys had a blast and so did Jamie and Steve. We had such a good time with them. Friday we spent the day at their house again and Christian, Nico and Steven James put on a play for us. It was so cute. They all had speaking parts and rehearsed at least "seven" times, as Christian told us. The play involved light sabers, fighting and someone dying at the end-too much fun.

So that was our trip to Cali. We loved it. Thanks Alan, Elise, Steve, Keri, KT and Brett. We had a great time with all of you and wish we could see you guys every day!


~The Brown Family~ said...

Fun!!! How fun visiting family.Your kids are growing up so fast, they are adorable. You guys look great, so glad you got to enjoy yourselfs!!! Love ya

Stacy Pincock said...

What a fun trip. I love going on vacations!!!! I need another one. Miss you guys!

pharen said...

Your family is so cute and I'm so jealous that you got to go on such a fun vacation! And your boys are so handsome too- I can't believe we never see you guys anymore- we really need to plan some sort of a meet up- our kids need to be reunited. We have a blog now, it's
I love reading your blog, it's crazy to see your boys change and grow up- so cute. Hope to see you soon!

elli hugh photography said...

When did you cut Nico's hair? I barley recognized him. Looks like you guys had a blast!! We are definitely making a trip eith you next year... still pushing for Costa Rica!!!

Haskins said...

That looks like so much fun!! I am so jealous!!! I want to go on a trip!! Your family is so cute!! I hope you got the package I sent I hope it fits her!! She is such a doll!!

Elisa said...

That was da best trip EVER!! Although, I really wish we could have spent more time together! I know that sounds weird, but jamming so much stuff in leaves little time to just hang out!

Sandra said...

How FUN!!! Your kids are so dang cute Caro. I love the pic.s of your boys on the beach!

Love your new background too, looks like your from Hawaii or sunny CA.

Messenger said...

So cute Carolina, what a fun trip. We just got back this Tuesday from Cali. Melanie moved there and it was so nice to have family there to hang out with, i'll be posting pics soon, your kids are so so cute by the way.

The Chaparro Family said...

California is a really fun place to vacation with young kids, there is so much to do here. Next time you guys come down this way you have to call us, we would love to meet up with you somewhere. We live only a few minutes from Sea World. Our boys would have a blast together. They too are into legos, star wars, etc.

Loughmiller's said...

CA is fun to visit.We live about 2 1/2 hours from disney land and have not gone. How sad is that. We do go to other places. I am glad you got to see family. How fun!