Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sock Hop

Last Friday, Christian's school had what they call a Sock Hop. It's a fund raiser for some parent organization and they invite the families of the students to come and partake of some festivities which include dancing, cake walk, face painting, pizza, root beer, fake tattoos and pretty much anything else they could come up with to get more money. The neat thing is that all year (remember these kids started school july 7th) they teach the students how to dance to the popcorn song, the macarena and a bunch of other dances. They even teach them to dance with a partner. It was so fun. Christian had been telling me his favorite class was PE, which is when they do all the dance teaching. Anyway, the dancing reminded me of Argie. I remember being a kid and going to the Christmas, New Years, Quincenieras and many other bailes that our ward would have. They all started late, but kids (like myself who was only 5-7 for these memories) would dance until 1 in the morning. Good thing the Sock Hop only lasted 2 hours and started at 6:30 because I was ready to be done! How fun his school does such a good job of preparing the kids to dance and teaching them how to get out there and boogie!!!

Christian dancing with Anika from his school. She is also in our ward and I found out on Sunday from her little sister that Anika has a "crush" on Christian. Nico was told by the little sister and came to tell me. These are his exact words "Mom, Anika just has a crush right on my brother!" Then he proceeded to tell me that he had a crush on me and Isabella. What do you say to that? I tried to set him straight, but I still think he's still confused. What a ham!


Hugh Family said...

only nico would say that! I love him@@@

Elisa said...

Nico Nico Nico... What would I do without him?
And what a great school!! Why doesn't our school do that?