Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nico's New Dew

I had this really cute conversation with Nico yesterday. I had to write it down.
Nico walks in and has his hair all spiky in the front.

Me: Wow Nico, you look so handsome. I love what you did with your hair.
Nico: Yeah, I know. I just fixed it

Me: How did you do it?

Nico: I just put water in it and did this (pulls his hair up with his hands).

Me: Well, it looks cool.

Nico: Yeah, my friend Memphis at school, he has the same hair. But his stays up all the time, how does he do it?

Me: He probably puts gel or hairspray in it. It helps your hair stick up like that.

Nico: Can I get gel for my hair?

You had to see his face when I told him he could use gel to make it stay. He was so excited! Not only was memphis going to have cool hair-but I could just imagine what Nico was thinking! He was now going to have cool hair too!

This is what he looked like that first day-minus the food all over his face of course. He has since done his hair like this every day. Probably attempts to make it look like this about 3 times a day since water doesn't make your hair stay sticking straight up.

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