Thursday, October 29, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Utah

For the Labor Day weekend we headed to Utah. We always have so much fun when we go. Alan and Elisa are always making sure we do fun stuff. I personally would be more than happy to sit around and hang out, but it sure is nice to have so much fun. The boys took the bigger kids to ride dirt bikes while the girls shopped with the babies. It was heavenly!

Uncle Dewayne! What a champ. He didn't have any of his kids there, but was such a trooper hanging out with the kiddos. Love that guy!

Jaxon, Nico, Christian and Hallie. These four love each other so very much. I love to see them together hanging out. They had so much fun that day!

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Elisa said...

These are some serious updates sista! That was a FUN weekend! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN!! I feel like I am missing out on your lives... makes me sad