Saturday, June 14, 2008

Frisco Barbeque Weekend

We went to the Frisco Barbeque this weekend. It was so much fun. People from all over the world come to compete with their world famous barbeque and onlookers can purchase samples of the goods for a dollar, or you can get a whole meal for 4-9 bucks. It was my kind of eating! I love Food Network because I think I'm in love with food and this felt like those specials they do when they have a food challenge of any kind. Anyway, we left very full and very happy. We went with Teri and Todd Ogden (Jamie's sister and her fam), and spend the night in a hotel till the wee hours of the night playing cards and laughing till our sides hurt. We love hanging out with the Ogdens-they are so much fun.

The next morning we went on this "hike" to feed these chipmunks. The hike was to the lookout point down the hill-so not much of a hike, but we thought it would be a bit more involved, so we keep calling it a hike. Anyway, these chipmunks came right up to us and ate out of our hands. One even jumped on Jamie's hand to eat some seeds. The boys could have stayed all day (including Jamie), but I wanted to get going-my back was killing me! So here are some pics of our adventures!

Funnel cakes, YUMMY!!!

Nico was so excited when the chipmunks finally ate out of his hands. He had a harder time staying still and waiting for the chipmunks to come.

This chipmunk had no problems eating out of Jamie's hands!

Max and Christian feeding Chipmunks.


Britt said...

Fun! I wanted to see a picture of the chipmunk on Jamie's head, though.

laurdacooj said...

sweet! you guys are so fun and crazy! I agree with Britt though... wheres the picture of Jamie's head-buddy??

Haskins said...

How fun!!! YOu guys look so cute!! We love ya!

The Dean Family said...

I totally know what you mean! I watch those challenges sometime on the Foof Network Channel. That would be soo fun to go to somehting like that!!! You look so good in your pic. You don't even look pregnant! (Although, your belly is hiding!):) The pictures are really cute though. That's crazy how chipmunks come right to you to feed like that! Crazy! Have fun.

~ Cami

The Brown Family said...

Fun! I would have loved the food too! I bet the boys wanted to have a chipmunk for a pet.You guys look super great, can't wait to see the new addition added to the pics- so soon!! Love ya

Hugh Family said...

I want to see the belly!

Sandra said...

Ooo, that looks like my kind of getaway! So much fun. I love the picture of Christian eating whatever it is.. candid shots are the best. You look totally great (as usual) in your little family shot. You can't even tell you're prego.

I'm sad that we are not going to be able to spend time with you guys on the fourth, we haven't seen you in forever.

Elisa said...

OK. I'm sure the Ogdens are SUPER fun, but really, I KNOW we are funner! Who has a boat?? hee-hee

Love your kids. Can I just have them??