Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prego & Chicken Pox

So here is the best I can do. I really need to be better about taking photos. I promise to get some better pictures of the belly. How funny, I feel gynormous (is that even a word?)-therefore not in the least bit cute. Yet, I remember thinking how cute pregnant women looked. How come I don't feel like that? It may be because I have constant back pain which causes me to walk like a penguin and move around in bed like a whale. I get stuck if I'm laying on the floor or sitting in a position my back doesn't like. Indigestion is so bad I have stopped eating ANYTHING after 6 pm. This causes me to wake up hungry, therefore nausea kicks in and I usually can't shake it until about lunch time, which I can't eat because my stomach is so small from this tiny baby taking up TONS of room. My feet are beginning to hurt and I believe I may be retaining water-but luckily that hasn't bothered me too much yet thanks to this cool summer we've been having. Pregnancy is full of oxymorons. The great thing about being pregnant is my enlarged chest (can I keep those after I'm done?) and the great hair (which is up most the time anyway because I'm always hot). I have just under 2 months left and the days couldn't be passing by more quickly. So there you have it. I'm also whiney when I'm pregnant and my house is a wreck because my back doesn't let me do anything without paying the price later (this means I can't walk-seriously, I have to lay and wait for the pain to pass). So, I hope you enjoy this photo. I will try to get a better shot of the belly, but we'll see. I have also lost the desire to do anything lately. Thank goodness for the pool. I can sit all day and watch my kids swim for hours. Sorry about this large venting session. At least I feel a bit better!

Oh, but it does get better. I woke up this morning ready for my first doctors appointment in over a month (I've been lazy about finding a doctor in Castle Rock), and found Nicolas with a case of the Chicken Pox. Appearantly I haven't had the Chicken Pox, so I have to get blood work done today to see if I am amuned to the disease, otherwise the baby runs the risk of getting them after birth, or something else. My new doctor's office wasn't very specific, I had to do my own research online. Nicolas appears to be doing fine-it looks like a mild case with spots on his belly, back, face and legs and not many of them either. He's had the shot for Chicken Pox, but appearantly it's only 80% effective. Christian appears to be doing okay. Hopefully he doesn't get it because that would put a damper on our trip to Utah for the 4th and I've been anxiously anticipating this vacation since we left Fort Collins. Something fun to do, and my husband is taking some days off of work. Plus, the Fourth of July is so much more fun in Utah! Not to mention Elisa just told me this morning of our Fourth of July day plans and I couldn't be more excited! Dang those pox!


Haskins said...

Oh my goodness you look so cute!! I love it! Hey if you are coming to Utah call me I would love to gether with you!

Hugh Family said...

You totally look beautiful. You really look like your glowing! I know your pregnant, but now that I've seen the belly, it just hit me, YOU'RE PREGNANT!!

You'll be here for the 4th of july. It's a bummer that I have to work that night.

Britt said...

That cracks me up because I was just there 2 months ago! Seriously, rolling over in bed was practically embarassing, and sometimes Derek would look at me funny, like "why are you waddling around?"
For the record, you really do look cute, eventhough I know you don't feel cute.
So sorry about the pox... that's crazy. :(
If it makes you feel any better, I discovered my freezer in the garage somehow got unplugged, and everything in it has to be thrown out. :( (It makes me sick!) So now I'm doubly motivated to come do freezer meals with you.

The Dean Family said...

It's about time you show off your belly! You totally look way cute!!! Although, your post makes me glad that I am not pregnant! :) That is so weird that Nicolas got the chicken pox! I didn't know that the shot was only 80% effective. That's a little scary! Hopefully you are immune to them. Anyway, good luck with everything! :)

~ Cami

The Brown Family said...

Cute!! I feel so sorry for you cause for some reason I can still remember being pregnant and doing the waddle! Yeah I am missing the chest- oh well lol Love ya

Messenger said...

You are so Cute Carolina, I love it. Remember trapsing around Park City when we were pregnant with Christian and Afton? Oh, we had no idea what we were in for did we? I can't wait to see you next week.

Melissa King said...

Man, you sound like a pepto bismol commercial...nauseau, heartburn, upset stomach, indigestion! :) I hope you start feeling better soon. I can't wait for the baby to come...I am excited to hear what it is and what you name it.

And you are SO CUTE!!!!

Elisa said...

Amen! You totally sound like a Pepto commercial. But you seriously look like a pregnant Model. You should be, if you're not. Why oh why did you get all the good looks?
Anywho, you look AMAZING!

Korby said...

You REALLY DO LOOK GREAT as ALWAYS!!! I hope all goes well with the new doc. I HATE the Chicken Poxs. Halston is the only one that actually got the pox so far the other 3 got the shot so it sounds like we still may get them. I am excited to see you and the guys.