Monday, June 2, 2008

Soccer Season is finally Over!

This sounds horrible, but Soccer Season is finally over! We had such horrible weather this season. I think we had two games where it was actually good nice sunny weather. The other days it was pure torture. One game it was snowing, another game the winds were so strong we couldn't even stand being outside, another game it was almost below freezing and the list goes on and on. Nico's final game was not too bad, he scored the only goal on the team and then we had to run to Christian's piano recital. I don't know how much I like spring soccer. Maybe in the fall it will be better. But this season was just so hard to take. The boys had great weather on their practice days, but games were just miserable. So at least they enjoyed their practices!


Sandra said...

Ooo, I used to hate that about spring soccer too and now I think Marcus wants to go back and do it again next year, so I'm trying to gear up for that whole thing all over again. YIPEE!

Elisa said...

I am ALWAYS glad when soccer is over, but then I forget and I get excited for it to start again. Its a love hate relationship really!