Saturday, June 14, 2008

Great Friends are Hard to Find!

It was tough for me to move from Fort Collins. I had made some great friends. They were the kind of friends that would do anything for you. The best part is that it wasn't just one or two friends, but we felt like the whole ward was there for us always interested in our lives and what was going on. I will miss them terribly. I hope they don't get sick of me coming up to visit. I haven't had such luck in Castle Rock with friends like that, so I may be seeing them more than they anticipated!


Britt said...

I miss you already, but I had a great time visiting your new place. I'm glad you're not to far. And you have the outlets close by to entice us with! :)

laurdacooj said...

hey you sexy mama! Don't you dare forget to come visit the AZ! Besides having no friends, I actually like it here, and the 90 degree weather is really agreeing with me... and you can too! I found a nice law office for Jamie:)... and we can be neighbors!
Can you post some pictures of your house since I never got to see that either?!


Melissa King said...

We miss you guys too! Cute picture

Elisa said...

Amen! Can I get some wards like that here too please?? It really is hard to find good friends. We just need to live by eachother!