Monday, June 2, 2008

We Have Moved

Jamie and I have finally moved to Castle Rock, Colorado. We live just minutes to the freeway and 25 minutes to his work in Littleton, Colorado. We love living in small towns and Castle Rock is just that. The south side of Denver is only 10 minutes on the freeway and we are also only 35 minutes to Jamie's parents in Colorado Springs. We feel so blessed and greatful to be done with the moving prep. Now we just get to unpack for the next two years! I can't believe how much stuff we own. I think I want to downsize, but then I never want to move again so why bother? When I find cables and can download pics of the house I will put them up. We love our house. It's this cute 3 bedroom 3 bath home in Metzler Ranch. We are up on a hill so we have amazing views of the city and mountains. Our backyard is great-nice, large and FLAT. Jamie also did a nice job of putting tile in the master bathroom. We have to thank Jamie's Dad and brother Ben for all the help in getting us hooked up and fixing things around the house. Jamie's Dad fixed our sprinklers, closet doors and taught Jamie how to lay tile. Ben was doing 20 things at a time including painting, tiling, fixing the toilet and taking me to the store to buy the right materials for painting-he's the man. They also came the day we moved and moved us out of our old house and unloaded the truck. Jeremy also came to help out on the day of his daughter's birthday-he's such a great guy. What I'm trying to say is that it's so nice to live by family. I love that we moved to Colorado. We have so much family around, it's great. I miss my family in Utah, but Colorado rocks! Also, I have season passes to Elitch Gardens in Denver, so if anybody ever wants to meet up-I'm there! Or, if anybody wants to come visit or wants to go with us, I have discount coupons for family and friends. We've already been twice and we love it!

Also, I have to mention how hard it was to move from Fort Collins. I will miss my friends terribly. I know we're not that far away, but it's not the same anymore. Not to mention Laurel is moving to Arizona-lucky girl-and I don't know what I'm going to do without her close by. She was like my younger sister Elisa-so much fun and full of energy. You better call me all the time Laurel! We also had a great ward. We had so many great friends there and everyone was so close. It was such a great ward to be in. I don't think the ward I moved into will ever live up. I have a hard time with change, but I'm optimistic about our new adventures in Castle Rock. Besides, it's still Colorado!


laurdacooj said...

ok- I love you and am now crying...again! Where the heck were you yesterday??? Did you ever come over?? I went in the house to snuggle Jackson to sleep and was going to come up to see you guys shoveling rocks, and next think I knew, it was 5pm and I was just waking up! I LOVE YOU!! You have to come visit me my lovely sissy poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear your coming down tomorrow again, so that makes me so so sos ossoso happy!!!!

Elisa said...

I can't wait to come see your new house!! You will make new friends in a heart beat - cause you are the cutest, funnest person I know!!
Love ya sis!