Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nico's Mop is Finally Gone!

This poor kid has been sporting around this rediculously long hair for too long. I did come to love it after a while, but then it started to get tangled, caught in his goggles and he would cry when I combed it out in the morning. It was time to say goodbye! He was scared that it would hurt (obviously hasn't had too many haircuts in his life), but after the first cut, he was good to go. For the next three days following his chop, he kept saying "mom, don't I look handsome with my new hair?" I think it took a bit of getting used to all around. He still looks so much more grown up with his shorter hair.

Nico getting ready for his haircut.

Nico with Christian. Couldn't find a picture of him up closer to show his new style.

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Elisa said...

So Handsome!! I like it either way. And I hope you have a girl so you can grow her hair out long instead of Nico's!! LOL